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  1. NCAA Baseball Mod

    I will try that. Thanks.
  2. The MVP 2005 and Windows 10 Thread

    Oh, then I apologize Jim. My defensive mechanism went off.
  3. The MVP 2005 and Windows 10 Thread

    Not sure if you mean me but I was trying to tell him why his game may not be working. That's the feeling I have at least. I've been open about using a no cd because I paid 85 gd dollars for this game online about seven years ago and I only break mine out when absolutely necessary. I don't condone the piracy of any game but I do condone perserving what I have in a format that's generally antiquated and in short supply now.
  4. The MVP 2005 and Windows 10 Thread

    Just a note. If you are running a no cd crack then I'm pretty sure owner mode won't work. I don't play owner mode but that's the consensus I've seen online. I assume that's what you are doing. If you want to play owner so bad then break out your discs. If that's not the issue. Good luck
  5. NCAA Baseball Mod

    This may be a stupid question, so forgive me ahead of time.. I only use the PC for what all red blooded american males do, playing MVP, trolling Hulk Hogan on twitter and watching porn so I have no idea about any modding. In order to try to isolate the issue with this mod, I have been comparing files in this mod with other mods I have that work fine. I do notice that my models.big file in NCAA is only about 168k kb, while in another mod its over 247k. I don't assume this would be a problem, but I am looking for someone with a lot more knowledge than myself to clarify.
  6. NCAA Baseball Mod

    I will check it out. All my other mods run great on it. But I will look into it
  7. NCAA Baseball Mod

    I am running Windows 10 64 bit to be exact
  8. NCAA Baseball Mod

    I appreciate it. Keep me in the loop. I'd love to play it sometime.
  9. NCAA Baseball Mod

    Well I give up. Looks like a great mod, but I have tried everything i can think of. Running from the MVP disc itself, uninstalling and reinstalling numerous times, trying every possible compatibility mode option, running as admin, shutting down all applications (if Ram were a problem), and any other fix I could find on web and no dice. Not sure what makes this mod so different than all the others I have, I counted I have 21, and I play all on occasion and never the slightest issue (other than that weird Ron Darling issue).
  10. NCAA Baseball Mod

    Maybe this is normal, but this struck me as odd. I tried to run this in compatibility mode, thinking that may be the issue. When I try to run it under Windows XP SP3, it loads the original game and not the mod, even though I am accessing it from the folder where I have the NCAA mod installed. Once I switch out of compatibility mode, it loads the NCAA mod. Still crashing, but I thought that was odd.
  11. NCAA Baseball Mod

    Yankee, I appreciate the help. I am going to state here what I did in pm's with Y4L. I do run a no-cd crack. I know that is frowned up and you guys can get mad at me if you wish, but I paid a lot of money for this copy of MVP 2005 and I try not to break out my discs. That being said I thought maybe that was the issue so I uninstalled MVP. Then I got out my discs, reinstalled a brand new copy, then installed patch #2. I am still having the same issue. I can access both play now and exhibition mode team selection with no issues. But once I try to play the game, from either no-cd or the disc itself, the game crashes on the loading screen.
  12. NCAA Baseball Mod

    Yeah me either. Looks like a good mod. I have about 15 or so mods installed and never had an issue until this one.
  13. NCAA Baseball Mod

    I have downloaded this mod. However, I am running into a few issues. When I run exploder it installs but I get a dialogue box saying many files could not be opened. I can start the game, and I get all the intro screens, the music and all the teams and uniform options, but when I try to play a game, either in play now or exhibition the game continually crashes. Anyone else had a similar experience?
  14. MVP All-Time Fan Favorites Mod

    Just downloaded this and I have to say, I love it. Some of the teams are absolute beasts. I just played as the Braves against the Cardinals and McGwire was unstoppable. It was a lot of fun. I gave it four stars simply because, and I know it is a lot of work, but I'd love to see the minor league teams filled out with "second best braves team, third best braves team, etc." Other than that, the play-ability and fun factor are through the roof. Great job!
  15. Templates

    Thanks for the file, Y4L.