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    The rosters are awesome and up to the minute. Being a Braves fan I am excited to see Riley on there. But whenever I try to actually play the game (simming works fine) it gets about halfway loaded and crashes. Any ideas?
  1. Oh, then I apologize Jim. My defensive mechanism went off.
  2. Not sure if you mean me but I was trying to tell him why his game may not be working. That's the feeling I have at least. I've been open about using a no cd because I paid 85 gd dollars for this game online about seven years ago and I only break mine out when absolutely necessary. I don't condone the piracy of any game but I do condone perserving what I have in a format that's generally antiquated and in short supply now.
  3. Just a note. If you are running a no cd crack then I'm pretty sure owner mode won't work. I don't play owner mode but that's the consensus I've seen online. I assume that's what you are doing. If you want to play owner so bad then break out your discs. If that's not the issue. Good luck
    Just downloaded this and I have to say, I love it. Some of the teams are absolute beasts. I just played as the Braves against the Cardinals and McGwire was unstoppable. It was a lot of fun. I gave it four stars simply because, and I know it is a lot of work, but I'd love to see the minor league teams filled out with "second best braves team, third best braves team, etc." Other than that, the play-ability and fun factor are through the roof. Great job!
  4. I am trying to learn how to make some uniforms. Thanks to Yankee4Life I was able to locate the tutorial I need. But in the tutorial it states " Since kccitystar is the only one who has released uniform templates, it would be the best to use his; unless you want to create your own templates from scratch. " I did find those templates and downloaded and unzipped to the proper location. However, the next section goes on to state what templates I should now have. But some aren't included, like hat, catchers mask, manager uniform etc. I have searched the forums to attempt to locate an ad
  5. When I download and try to load UniEdit it just times out. Anyone else experienced this?
  6. I just reinstalled MVP 05 after about a year and a half of not having it on my PC. I recently put together a new PC and have it hooked to my 42 inch LED tv. When playing the game it appears in a box about half the size of the TV. Can I make this full screen? I used to have it on a 32 inch and I am almost certain it fit the whole screen.
  7. Anyone want to join an xbox 360 league for 2k12? Want to have about 8 teams in it.
  8. I have this game for 360. I have had it since it came out. I played a lot of the career but that is about it. Does anyone know if this can still be played online? I played a straight online game with a friend today, but when we try to go into create a league, it never connects to the server. So am I correct to assume 2K stops allowing the older games to be played on the server?
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