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Upload Roster For Mvp 04 Please


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Dear fans, players, member creators for mods of mvp 04 for pc, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPLOAD a roster update for mvp 04 please i dont know how to do it so i beg of u please read this i need this and so do a lot of people out ther please respond please someone help


Phils38 :):) :)

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Sorry I didn't answer before.

I really don't believe you can just a roster update for Mvp 2004. Mainly because there are a multitude of players in the majors now that were not in MLB in 2004. The rosters of the players go hand in hand with the cyberface in the game, so that's why no rosters are made now for the 2004 version.

But yanksrcool05 gave you the best advice here. You have to go to Eamods to download a total conversion mod for Mvp 2004 which will contain updated cyberfaces, stadiums and rosters. And later this year as he said, the 2009 version will be released. If you have any questions about the downloading or installing of this mod, direct your questions there. Have fun.

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