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How To Mod Stadiums


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I have gotten some questions on how to mod so i would like to show people how

Also you can use rolies video found here http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?autocom=d...p;showfile=4809

ok step one download the editor found here http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?autocom=d...p;showfile=4677

put it in to folders like this:


step two copy and paste your file in to the bin folder drag it into the decompress. should look like this:


step three now that you have the 3 files open the 1st file (the one without the number after it) with the editor. should look like this:


find the picture you want and save it some were

open the file with photoshop or gimp (i use gimp) and put what ever you want on it:


save the file and drag the file on to the picture that you edited:


Now take the file with out the number at the end and place it back into the 2k9 folder.

thats it! load up the game and you will see your ad in the game! :D

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still having problems we discussed the other night. Editor keeps crashing when i go to load the stadium file. any suggestions

dont know. r u decompresing the file? do u have all the .dll's? r u opening the file right? do u have the right editor? a computer that can run it? sry but i dont know what your doing wrong. i will try to help u but i dont know what i can do.

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as mark say can u play the game when u click on the game icon?? if so then the game has to be installed somewhere.Run a search on this file name franchise

ift should direct u to where ever u have ur game installed in , usually mlb_2k9 folder

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