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Dynasty Rosters

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I have not been an MVP 05' player for very long so I might be doing a few things wrong. Please bear with me.

My Dynasty roster has a nasty habit of resetting itself to the deafult roster. No rhyme or reason. All is saved, yet it continues to do so and never twice at the same point. I would appreciate a heads up if any one has an idea why this may be happening

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If you mean it resets after you exit Dynasty mode meaning that you can't use those rosters for any game modes.

What i did was export the DAT files from my Dynasty using Tywiggins DAT importer/exporter tool and just copied the files into the database folder, this allows you to use your Dynasty roster in any game mode. It will not automatically update and so if you make any additional moves, you will have to redo the process.

Tywiggins Assorted Tools This is at EAmods and so you will need to be a member over there.

If you mean your rosters reset during the Dynasty. Then i'm sorry but i have no idea why it is happening but you could back up your Rosters everytime you play a game using the same tool and when they decide to reset you can just import them back into your Dynasty overwriting the default roster.

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