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Bright House Field, Clearwater, Florida


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File Name: Bright House Field, Clearwater, Florida

File Submitter: MarkB

File Submitted: 27 Mar 2010

File Updated: 27 Mar 2010

File Category: MLB 2K10 - Stadiums

MarkB's 2010 Bright House Field mod for MLB 2K10.


Bright House Field, Clearwater, Florida, home of the Clearwater Threshers and Spring Training home of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Change list:

Added the following advertisements;


Clearwater Gas System


Innisbrook Golf Resort


St. Petersburg Times

Morton Plant Mease


Jameson Irish Whiskey


Tampa Bay Lightning


Coke Zero

Romano's Macaroni Grill

First Priority


Banquet Masters

La Quinta

Kathy Anderson Dermatology


Also added the Phillies logo to the jumbotron in left field to replace the "Road To The Show" picture, added a jumbotron image, added Bright House Field banners and the World Champions banner, revamped and updated the left field and right field food stalls and concessions stands - Bullpen Grille and Short's Snacks - and added the highway sign for Bright House Field.

I've done my best to get as large a variance of ads as possible, and all of the ads shown in the mod are in the stadium today. I've also tried to get them as close to their actual location as possible - for example, the Budweiser ad being in right field, the Maintenx ad facing home plate from the outfield - but due to the way 2K has coded the stadiums, as we all know, there are some repeating ads. Until a modelling tool is created, we're stuck with it, I'm afraid.

Installation instructions


Backup your existing stadium_st01.iff file, then copy the included stadium_st01.iff file into the installation directory for your copy of MLB 2K10 and overwrite the original.

Click here to download this file

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Thanks LL. Hey, what can I say? Still waters run deep. ;) When I'm an eighth as good as the real stadium gurus like Big O, Trues, Zach, Sean O, PaulW, Pirate and Rolie, to name but a few, then I can say I've got skillz. Until then, I'm an amateur at best. Those guys are in the big leagues, I'm in A-ball. :)

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