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~Return Of The Elephants~Oakland Athletics 2010


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oaklandlogo.pngOakland Athletics - American League West - 2010oaklandlogo.png

MLB 10 The Show

Season - 162 Games, No Sims

Roster - Knight's Total Minors

Sliders - JoeRudi26's

Difficulty - Veteran



Spring Training


Welcome all to my 2010 Oakland A's Franchise. I plan to keep my Major League roster as realistic as possible, this means that i will only complete transactions that the real A's team complete.

To deal with players that are injured to start the season, i will place them in AA or A ball until their return to action.

Ideally i want to follow the real schedule but i may get a little ahead with my games to compensate for days that i may not be able to play.

Some of you guys may have seen my MVP dynasty and i am planning on surpassing the work i have done there with this Franchise.

I will add various different presentations as the season goes along, i plan on presenting:

Pitcher Match Ups

Line Up Cards

Stats & Standings


Transactions - All A's transactions & other major transactions

*Schedule will be posted soon*

*Rosters/Line Ups/Spring Training will be posted once Knight's rosters are available*

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Hey, I'll be following! Looks good so far!

Thanks apridham.

I will post a depth chart a bit later on also Knight has confirmed that his roster set will not be released until tomorrow so no chance of an early game and i will start as the A's start in real life.

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Wow, I just saw this (been busy most of the day ). Good to see this get off the ground, and great work on the schedule, rick! Good luck, I'll be followin'. :clapping:

Hope you get some time to relax this evening and get your hands on the PS3 :rolleyes: Thanks man, it went from me choosing a team to getting started pretty quick. I had it down to D'Backs, Marlins, A's and Padres. Then all of a sudden i had a feeling that i had to go with the A's after wanting to go for an NL team all morning. :facepalm:

I will try and make you proud of your beloved A's :friends:

I'll always love a Oakland Dynasty....good luck buddy, especially in those first 10 games of the season (Mariners and Angels)

Thanks :) i'm hoping for a 5-5 record after my first 10 but who knows what will happen :pardon:

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Despite me wanting to keep the rosters as realistic as possible, i am not going to influence what team claims my players if they are put on waivers. I will put that player on waivers just like the real A's team does but they could be claimed by a completely different team on the game compared to real life.

I will force the trades and make them identical but waiver claims will be completely out of my hands.

I am on focused on keeping my roster realistic and i will let the CPU do what ever they want with the remaining 29 teams.

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I don't think i will be able to get today's game in because Knight's roster probably won't be released until later tonight and because of the 5 hour time difference, it will be a lot later here when they are finally released.

If that is the case, i will just play today's scheduled game tomorrow morning before i play game 2.

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Thanks Johnny, i am unsure if i am going to get the first two games in today because Knight's roster set hasn't been released yet because of some personal problems on his part and ridin is ironing out some minor issues meaning they weren't released last night.

On the good side, it gives me a bit more time to work on things and the rosters will be ready when they are ready and i will start then.

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