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1946 Chicago White Sox Uniforms (re-release)


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File Name: 1946 Chicago White Sox Uniforms (re-release)

File Submitter: dennisjames71

File Submitted: 07 Aug 2011

File Category: Uniforms and Accessories

Version: 1.0

Here is a HOME & ROAD set of the 1946 White Sox Uniforms.

These will drop right into Total Classics 1946.

I did NOT create these uniforms. I decided to use this set from fizzjob's excellent Chicago White Sox series uniforms, so that they would just drop into TC 1946. The only thing I added was a 'classic' helmet (without earflaps) to the set to make it look more period-correct.

All credit goes to fizzjob.

*included the updated Uniform Select screens for these uniforms.

*new 1946 White Sox logos.

Install the .ZIP file with TiT.


This set wraps up all of the uniforms for TC 1946. My next goal is to tackle the uniforms for Total Classics 1961. Coming soon...

Click here to download this file

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