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Tutorial: How To Create A Cyberface

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What you'll need first:

1) NBA2Kxx mod tool. Information can be found here http://forums.nba-li...p?f=138&t=80851 and here http://forums.nba-li...p?f=138&t=77105

2) Advanced photo editing program such as Photoshop, gimp, or pain.net. You'll need a .DDS plugin. Use google to find one. Here's the one for photoshop: http://developer.nvi...adobe-photoshop

3) Ty's editor or REDitor to find cyberface ID #'s

What this tutorial is not:

A guide on how to use photoshop or photo editing. I'll show you basic steps that I use that work for me. Your job is to play around with it until you get comfortable. There's MANY tutorials out there. If you have photoshop questions use google.

Let us begin!


Today we'll be modding Jose Bautista, since he was one of my favorites to do. First step is to make a new folder, we'll call it "Bautista_J". Using Ty's editor we found that Bautista's cyberface ID is #3229. COPY over that cyberface (player_head_3229) to your Bautista folder.

Now open up the cyberface with the mod tool and extract textures "0" and "3" using "ExportRes" to your Bautista folder. Now that they have been extracted as a .DDS open both files in Photoshop (this is what I use and will be referring to it throughout the tutorial). The result should be this:


I have them opened in the same window (tabbed) but I took a screenshot of both side by side to show you.

Now we need to find a good picture of Bautista to serve as or guide to change this bland cyberface. I found this one: http://megasportsnew...essbox.com_.jpg

The higher the resolution the photo, the better and easier it will be to edit it. I suggest going to google, searching the player, select images, and in the left pane select "large" so only large images are shown.

Now we have the three components to make a cyberface so on to the meaty part of the tutorial!

Step 1:

Using a selection tool, copy the real face and superimpose it onto the cyberface. Make sure the "Feather" is set to 3 px (top toolbar) BEFORE you hit CTR-C to copy the selection. Once pasted onto the cyber face use CTR-T to transform the image so it lines up appropriately. Use the "layers" tab in the bottom right to change the opacity so you can line up the face. This should be your end result:

With 100% opacity:


With 50% opacity:


Circled in red are the layers tab to help you with the picture. Always edit as a new layer and never directly edit the cyberface. As you can see I have two layers. One with the original face and another with the photo face. If you need help lining up the photo with the cyberface try using the "eye" icon on the left side of each layer. This will make it visible or invisible.

Step 2:

Let's start copying over items from the photo to the cyberface. Let's work the beard first. With 100% opacity on "Layer 1" make a selection around the beard using the polygonal lasso tool. Remember to set Feather at 3 px. Make a selection all the way around the beard. To eliminate the mouth from the selection hold down ALT while selecting around the mouth to remove it from the selection. Your result should be this:


Now, once you've made the selection hit CTR-C followed by CTR-V to paste the selection into a new layer. Click and hold Layer 2 and drag it so it is before Layer 1. Hit the "eye" on Layer 1 to make it invisible and look at what you have, the face is already looking a little better:


Now, let's use the same technique copying over the mouth, eyebrows, and nose. Creating new layers for each new item. That way we can always edit them seperately. Make sure they come before Layer 1! Also, be sure to make Layer 1 visible again. WARNING: If you a get a "layer empty cannot copy" message it's because either a) Layer 1 is still invisible or B) because it's not selected or highlighted in blue on the layer tab. Your result should be similar to this:


Now it's looking great but nowhere near finished! Since we have seperate layers, adjust the sizes and positions of each layer to match up with the image. Remember to adjust opacity so you can see below the image to find the correct spot. Also, feel free to copy other aspects such as cheeks or neck features. For sake of simplicity I'm skipping that but the same rules apply. Also, don't be afraid to use the eraser tool, clone tool, or healing brush to clean up the layer should there be extra stuff copied over.

Step 3:

Now that the layers are in all the correct positions we need to change the colors. Play around in photoshop with all the image adjustment settings; levels, vibrance, hue saturation, etc. There's a million combinations but I'm not going to get into that. Try google if need be for color adjustment tutorials. It may help for some layers to permanently set the opacity lower to 85% or 75% to help blend in with the color. When all is said and done you should have something similar to this:


Tip: Sometimes the beard can be tricky, especially the coloring. It may come out an off black or red. What I do is use "Selective Color" under Image > Adjustments. I change the Black% to 100% under Red and Black. YMMV, but adjust accordingly. Once again if your stuck try google on how to adjust colors.

Step 4:

Believe it or not, but we're almost done! Now we need to adjust the alpha layer. The alpha layer can be found under the "Channels" tab where the layers can be found. It will look like this:


But right now it's wrong. It needs the beard! But what is the Alpha 1 Layer? I have no clue really, but I know it affects how things are lit within the game. You'll see how it affects the texture once you import it back into the .iff file so always remember; when you change a texture in 2K you always need to change it's alpha layer.

So how do we do this? Simple, go back to the beard layer and hit CTR-F on the image of the layer to select it and CTR-C to copy it. Now navigate to the Alpha Channel and hit CTR-V to paste it into the Alpha 1 Layer. You should get something like this:


This actually looks good. Sometimes we need to adjust the levels or curves to make it darker but not in this case. Be sure to deselect the selection and SAVE THE IMAGE! Wohoo we're done with his texture. BUT DO NOT CLOSE IT OUT OR MERGE ANY LAYERS! This is so you can view it in game and see if any layer changes need to be made such as position or color. If you save and exit you loose all your layers (because they merge) and beginners will have to start over from the beginning!

To save, go to File >Save as> Save it as a .DDS. You'll see the option in the drop down box. When you do so, you get this dialog box:


Be sure the settings are exactly how I have them. DTX5 compression with mip maps selected. Moving on!

Step 5:

Now we need to play with that strange green texture known as a "bump map". This one creates lighting effects once again in game and gives a 3d look to your face. 3D in a way that a face or beard or hair has texture rather than a painted on look. So editing it is very important! Sometimes you will need to erase some things in it, which is fine. Be sure to clone the color and just paint over it. In this case there is no beard, so we're going to add one.

To get it in the exact position (because exact positions are extremely important) we're going to simply copy the green texture to our cyberface image like this:


Be sure it becomes the top layer! Now, like what we did with the alpha, find the beard layer, select it so it's highlighted blue and hit CTR-F on the layer image. This will select it. Now copy and paste it to create a new layer. Move that new layer ABOVE the green texture to get this:


But we can't have it look like this! Here comes the tricky part. With the beard layer selected to go Filter > Stylize > Emboss. Use the settings: Angle 90, Height 3, Amount 100%. This gives it a raised look. But the color is off! No problem, go back to the layer sidebar (as you can see working with layers is uber important) and change the layer filter. You'll see it's set to normal. Change it to Overlay. When working with other files you might have to play around with this to get it to look right so YMMV. Just keep at it.

Now, MERGE the top layer (yes I said don't merger but here it's ok), which should be the beard as in my image using CTR-E, with the green layer. Now select the green layer so it's highlighted blue and hit CTR-A to select it all, copy and paste it to the green texture image and then merge the two using CTR-E. Wohoo! We're almost done! Remember what I said about alpha layers? EVERYTHING HAS ONE. So that means even the green texture. Go to the channels tab and take a look. Copy the entire alpha using CTR-A to select it all and paste it back into the cyberface image. Like this:


Go ahead and delete the green layer we left behind by selecting it so it highlights blue and hit "Delete". Now, if your new layer isn't gray then your doing it wrong. It means you didn't actually copy the alpha layers. So be sure the alpha layer is selected when you copy it over.

We're going to follow the same exact procedure that we did earlier. So copy over the beard, make sure it's the top layer, emboss it, and WAIT! We're not going to set it as overlay. Generally "luminosity" works well so try that. Once you've done that copy and paste it back into the alpha MAKING SURE THE ALPHA IS SELECTED AND HIGHLIGHTED IN BLUE. This should be your final result:


Save this file as a .DDS as well using the same settings mentioned above. YOU'RE ALMOST DONE STAY WITH ME!

Open up the mod tool with the cyber face and select "0". Hit Import Res and import the cyberface file we did. You'll see it import in. Now, do the same for "3" which is the green texture. Done. Now move the file to your 2K directory and.........OMFG WE'RE DONE YAY!

Final Result:


Congratulations on creating your very own cyberface!

Your going to screw up, and it's most likely going to look like crap your first time. Maybe second time, and even third or fourth. This requires a high level of attention and ambition. If you just want to do it to get it done it will look like crap. You need to continuously practice to get it to look good. It took me a month or so to get my rhythm down right. Also, photoshop has a high learning curve. Just keep at it! Feel free to deviate from this tutorial as well. Have fun and do whatever works for you. As Veesmack on here said, make sure the "thrill" is there. This should be fun!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. So long from =DS= and happy modding!

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Thanks so much for this DS. I worked on an alex white today and thanks to this tutorial I only have a couple minor fixes to make to it. And I'm assuming if the player you are making a cyberface for doesn't have any facial hair you don't need to edit the green texture and the alpha layers right?

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Thanks so much for this DS. I worked on an alex white today and thanks to this tutorial I only have a couple minor fixes to make to it. And I'm assuming if the player you are making a cyberface for doesn't have any facial hair you don't need to edit the green texture and the alpha layers right?

If the original cyberface has facial hair, such as the russell martin I did awhile ago, then yes after your get rid of it on the cyberface texture you need to remove the area from the green texture. Otherwise the plain face will look bumpy.

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So it's not possible to edit a player's cyberface if he doesn't have a unique cyberface number located in program files?

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So it's not possible to edit a player's cyberface if he doesn't have a unique cyberface number located in program files?

Correct, but all cyberfaces have a .iff file except umpires and coaches. Those are in global.iff I think...

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What if I want to create a player who currently has generic face? For example, I want to create JAson Kipnis for the Indians and he does not have a true "personal" cyberface but a generic one. I can find the number using Ty's editor and then find the coressponding .iff file. Can I manipulate that? Or is there a technical reason that I can't?

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wow, I was thinking about trying to do some faces for my dudes.....but wow!.. Kudos to you. This is not easy.

but Thanks for the walkthru


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