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  1. Kc is right...need to right click on app and run as admin. Did the same thing to me before I figured it out.
  2. Thanks....great as always
  3. I have messed around with this for awhile. I copy the portraits iff and cdf to desktop. Ive used the NBAmod to uncompress. I can importRes ( the updated photo) and thought I could just cut and paste the iff and cdf back into 2k folder to have the new pics show up but the new pic does not show up in game. I assume the step I need is the total installer thingy but I do not know how to convert the iff and cdf back into a 7z file? this what I am messing up. I am by no means trying to use anyones work (raidersball) and add to it to post here or anywhere else. This is just for my use.
  4. mac70hr

    Pc Patch

    Me either. and there is no Patch showing on 2k site. There was a roster update yesterday. That may have been it.
  5. mac70hr


    The network (game server) has been down for several days now. 2k has not replied to anyone (that I have heard of) about the issue or ETA of it being fixed. Your not the only one.
  6. I had issues with injuries as well. For some reason, you can not take them off the DL....even in the editor. The game will not change it. I messed my franchise up by doing it and it crashed everytime I tried to play because a team had too many players and I could not repair it. I had to start over. So now I do not mess with injuries. The only solution is to wait it out an turn off injuries. maybe someone else here has had better luck fixing it.
  7. didnt say I pitched one...said I almost pitched one.
  8. Had a no hitter going last night again. (FYI: I have been out on medical leave for a month with shoulder surgery, so I play alot ) against the Rays and the computer (BJ Upton) lays down a BUNT in the top of the 8th inning...beats it out. ended up with a 2 hit shutout. Atleast the AI had enought sense to try and break it up with a bunt. surprised me.
  9. mac70hr

    Pc Patch ?

    well its been awhile now....anyone hear anything more about the PC patch?
  10. anyone know the difference between the three files (global, part 1 and part2)? Can you use just one or more of the files or do you have to install all? Thanks
  11. Nevermind.....Im an idiot. I can change it with TYeditor. Thanks
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