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  1. MVP 2017?

    Are there any plans for an MVP 2017 release? Or are we just relying on the MVP Caribe site like last year?
  2. Players Walking in Outfield

    Damn. OK
  3. Players Walking in Outfield

  4. Players Walking in Outfield

    Hello all, I have made a configuration so that I can use a GameCube controller. However, the only problem is that whenever the ball is hit into the outfield, the players will walk toward it instead of running. I haven't encountered this issue until using the GameCube controller. Anyone else have this issue? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Gamecube Controller Configuration Help

    I actually made a configuration that I thought was fine. The only problem is when balls are hit into the outfield, the outfielders will jog instead of run.
  6. Gamecube Controller Configuration Help

    Hey all, I recently just got a Nintendo Gamecube controller adapter and was interested in trying to use a Gamecube controller for MVP on PC. Does anyone already have a configuration for a Gamecube controller? Thanks in advance!
  7. Yes I would gladly accept a new roster
  8. Intel Pentium CPU B950 @2.10GHz 4 GB RAM 64 bit operating system Intel HD Graphics 309 GB free space
  9. The MVP 2005 and Windows 10 Thread

    That doesn't work either.
  10. The MVP 2005 and Windows 10 Thread

    Hello all, I recently upgraded to Windows 10. I attempted to run MVP Baseball with the settings I used before in Windows 7 (run in compatibility mode for Windows XP and run as administrator). However, the game will not even start. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  11. The MVP 2005 and Windows 10 Thread

    It's not working for me. Have any tricks that help?
  12. Ages in Dynasty

    Oh well
  13. Ages in Dynasty

    Is there a program that can edit dynasty mode rosters?
  14. Ages in Dynasty

    I've changed the players' ages in MVP Edit. However, there are some players (I'm assuming they're fake) that are still 8, 9, etc.
  15. Ages in Dynasty

    Because players don't start to decline until later on...