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  1. Mlb TV on smart TV

    Thanks for the tips guys
  2. Mlb TV on smart TV

    Yeah I've been reading a lot about this Roku, and the Apple tv box. I was hoping I wouldn't have to use HDMI, I got enough cables running all over the place but I guess it beats hooking it up to my ( old and probably obsolete and unsupported) laptop. I'll check it out, thanks Jim.
  3. Mlb TV on smart TV

    Just out of curiousity, has anyone ever experienced issues with MLB TV on their smart tv ? Just downloaded the app on my tv this morning with the intention of subscribing for the year and I get this friendly message : " Due to enhancements in streaming technology, MLB.TV will no longer be available on older Samsung device models." Old ?? It's five years old ! Hell, I'd settle for standard definition if I could just watch it directly on my tv set. What a bummer...
  4. BallFour's Total Uniforms '18

    Great work!
  5. More baserunning control?

    This is bug in the game. Usually happens when you hit a single. Press your "return runner to base" button as soon as you make it to first. Once you get comfortable with all the runner function buttons you can make some sick moves simultaneously.
  6. Pitcher stamina status

    Could anyone explain to me how to change the pitcher stamina in stock settings of MVP2005 from a fraction to a single number ? i.e. Pitcher X stamina 82/82 (Default 2005 rosters) Pitcher X stamina 82 (New rosters) I noticed if a pitcher enters a game with reduced stamina on stock rosters, he curiously regains energy, and it takes about 10 pitches for his stamina to get back to the level he had upon entering the game. With the new rosters (and single stamina digit), if a pitcher enters a game at, say, 70% of his max stamina, his stamina level decreases normally, from 70% downwards, which is what I would like to do. Thank you
  7. Menu screen text changing

    It can give your team a momentum boost or have the opposite effect. Not sure how it is translated in the game though. The opposing pitcher might struggle on the mound or maybe they will make more fielding errors. Or maybe your contact/power ratings change during that timeframe, I'll have to check it out. With variable stuff "ON" , you might play a game where the referees are making terrible calls. After giving shit to the umps, you might hear " No surprise to see the mgr coming out of the dugout" which would suggest you were right to do so. Sometimes the players will rally behind the coach's decision or you'll get the opposite occur and hear " the players look lost without their skipper". But I have yet to determine what are the actual changes inside the game. I'm pretty sure I've both won and lost games regardless of the supposed momentum shift. Still, I always get a kick out of giving hell to the umps when things don't go my way...
  8. MVP Baseball 17 By WilliamsV

    Es exclusivamente en espanol ?
  9. Logitech controller identification issue

    Try configuring the pad in Windows through the configuration panel / (controllers and devices) and see if it is recognized by your computer first.
  10. Logitech controller identification issue

    Try BallFour's solution first to see if it works, he's more savy than I so that might resolve the issue. There is a little switch underneath the gamepad as well which can be toggled between "X" and "D". Make sure it's on the "D" tab.
  11. Logitech controller identification issue

    Have you configured the controller settings in both Windows and inside the game ? I'm using the 310 so the "vibration" option is greyed out but other than that never experienced any big issues. There is a switch under the pad that toggles analog mode. I know your pad might be not responding if it is triggered. Same thing with the turbo switch on top of the pad. Make sure it is off.
  12. Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 2-4

    Hmm just like the poor to the rich !
  13. 2018 Managers cyberface pack

    Hey, that ain't too shabby for a first crack at it. Keep it up B4.
  14. Controller drivers and other games

    Well it's understandable. All the new stuff is on console. The only drawback with the 310 (and probably most controllers I imagine) is that the buttons wear off over time and their sensitivity increases, which makes "check swings" more difficult. I play with pretty hard settings/sliders so being able to check my swing is absolutely vital for getting on base or drawing walks. Gordo said he ordered a Saitek model, apparently they work very well with MVP. We'll wait for his feedback.
  15. Controller drivers and other games

    I use the Logitech F310. Simple, cheap but effective. But it's not wireless.