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  1. Schordese

    MVP BaseUp! 2018 End of Season Rosters

    I'll be away on business for the next few days but I'll have another portrait pack to complement your roster by the weekend. If you find more that need do/redos send me a PM.
  2. Schordese

    2018 MVP Portraits

    Cool. Feel free to make another list if there are more portraits to be done or fixed . For instance, I redid Josh Bell cause he looked like a 500 lbs zeppelin. 😝
  3. Schordese

    2018 MVP Portraits

    Switch Tanner Scott's ID to 295 , ( 255 is incorrect ID according to A-Rod's list) Here's Chris Young. There are two Chris Young on the main list (2590 and 3223) I must have chosen the wrong one. Usually A-Rod segregates them with a baseball-reference link but he might have missed that one , or are there two Chris Young maybe ? 3223.zip
  4. Schordese

    2018 MVP Portraits

    Pack uploaded! Let me know if some are not up to snuff, I didn't verify them.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    MVP Baseball portrait updates as per Gordo's end of season roster list. Install as a pack with TiT or individually with bigGUI. Portraits generated with Krawitham's portrait maker v1.5
  6. Schordese

    2018 MVP Portraits

    Well I've been working on Milb rosters and when I create a player that has a valid ID I just make the portrait while I'm at it, that's why there's gonna be some in there. Should have the rest soon. Muller can redo the O's if he wants, I have a hard time doing their damn portraits because of their white baseball caps, I'm sure he can do better.
  7. Schordese

    2018 MVP Portraits

    Here's the NL Portraits plus a few more, might also be some Milb players mixed up in there but they all have valid IDs. I'll formally release them all in one pack when I'm done. EOS-NL Portraits.zip
  8. Schordese

    2018 MVP Portraits

    I can take care of this if no one wants in on it. Unless Muller has already started, I'll work from bottom up again.
  9. Schordese

    2018 MVP Portraits

    Sure, no problem. They got my blessings. Whatever keeps this game alive, it's good with me.
  10. Schordese

    2018 MVP Portraits

    The list is gonna get a lot longer, I noticed there were a lot of portraits not on the list that needed to be done. I'll wait til you finish the rosters and go through it. I can re-do Burch Smith, I think it's his Dave Mustane wannabe hair that makes him look like a skinny wet rat.
  11. Schordese

    2018 MVP Portraits

    American League portraits complete and available for d/l Gordo If you have time to make a new list once you've completed your next roster update, I'll be happy to update the portraits. I'm keeping track of Laroquece's posts so I'll try to make them as they come. Thanks guys, enjoy !
  12. Schordese

    MVP Baseball AL Portrait Update

    Version 1.0.0


    Updated American League portraits for MVP Baseball as per Gordo's list This concludes the current list Please PM me for any issues/errors encountered. Install with TiT or individually with bigGUI Special thanks to Krawhitham for his portrait maker v1.5
  13. Schordese

    2018 MVP Portraits

    AL August portraits almost done. Will be posted tomorrow. I've included some recently traded players' portraits as well, including your friend Joey Bats...he's such a cutie pie in a Phillys uni...hehehe
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Updated portraits for MVP Baseball as per Gordo's list ** National League ** Install with TiT as a pack or individually with bigGUI
  15. Schordese

    Player Id List

    No problem, I think it's a good idea to keep these id slots for team logos. Thanks guys