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    Very nice , I hope there are more to come.
  1. I second that. Boston is just too strong. If they could beat the Astros they can beat LA.
  2. Finding balance between playing and simming the game is vitually impossible. I believe the new rosters are tailored for playability. For instance, pitcher control and relief pitcher stamina on the new rosters are considerably lower than those on stock rosters, which suits playability best. But the game wasn't designed as such, so the CPU might leave its pitchers on the mound too long resulting in more HR. That might be a factor. But on the flip side, the game is buggy in its own way. I was playing a game where the opposing pitcher had a 27 stamina rating, and he tossed over 100 pitches, well after his stamina had reached 0. Many things are hard coded in this game and cannot be changed.
  3. Thanks for the link, I'll look it up. I just played a game in a different ballpark without any crashes. I suspect it might be the stadiums/overlays as you say.
  4. Here you go fellas. Tyler White already has a good portrait, but I'll include another one in the zip file. If you don't want to replace it, just remove 3603.fsh from the zip file before using TiT. Trio.zip
  5. I know MVP15 has a reputation of being unstable but I've witnessed many in-game crashes and I cannot figure out the root cause. I've tested new milb rosters I've been working on and I am positive these are not the problem, because I have made it through a complete game using the same two teams. Furthermore, following the in-game crashes, the icons on my desktop rearrange themselves in a different manner, which is rather odd. I can live with a pre-game crash and maybe the occasional crash now and then but this is happening way too frequently, and during a game. I just don't want to invest more time making milb rosters if I can't even enjoy the game on a stable level. Any suggestions would be great, and forgive me if this has been addressed on the forum already.
  6. Yes my mistake, Ballfour is right. Click "import" rather than "open". You can then proceed as I mentioned above or through Ballfour's method.
  7. I understand what you're saying. Just click "open", select your data/database folder and in the entry bar at the bottom, enter ".dat" . Don't forget the dot. All your .dat files will be imported succesfully. Then you can save it as an .mbe file.
  8. Yes, sorry about that. As for Kennedy, remember his new ID is 0613 , I think he's listed as 0605 on your roster set. Just switch the number and his mug should pop up. I'll include the zip file in case it hasn't installed properly Here's the ID thread https://www.mvpmods.com/forums/topic/53068-player-id-list/?do=findComment&comment=676581 And for the record, I haven't indulged in KFC in over 15 years, there aren't any where I live (that's probably a good thing...) Brett Kennedy.zip
  9. Thanks a lot man. Here's another attempt at Kennedy. Might not be good enough but worth a shot... 5830.zip
  10. Thanks Gordo, in a fit of rage I deleted my MVP18 folder <idiot!> Don't worry about the portrait.big file, I'll just download your latest rosters and update the portraits , I still got all of them backed up so it should be fine. This game has the ability to infuriate me just as much when I'm playing it as when I'm NOT playing it...
  11. Well, I decided to use TiT to install some portraits. I usually install them individually with bigGUI but I thought I'd try it out. I don't know what the hell happened but it screwed up my portrait.big file and reduced it to a 17 Mb file and now I get this message: error: Entry 0 has a invalid offset/length description in C:\MVP17\data\frontend\portrait.big Naturally, amid all my backed up files, portrait.big was NOT one of them. sonova*^&*# !!!
  12. Just added a pack o' mugs to go with your rosters in the d/l section to . They haven't been tested, some might not be up to snuff so you might want to backup your files. *** Neil Walker has not been redone (couldn't find a better source file) Bryan Mitchell (not sure I could improve him, he's just a naturally skinny bastard) Cheers
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Additional portraits to complement Gordo's EOS 2018 roster Some are new (Milb players) but most are existing portraits that have been tweaked by request. Backup your files in case you prefer to older portraits Install with TiT
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