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Prominent Portraits Needed (Mid-July '12)

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After installing KST's latest portrait update, I'm seeing that these are still prominent updates needed. I'm not requesting that he necessarily do them, just anyone with portrait making knowledge or who could learn (it's not terribly tough.... I did a bunch of packs last year). There were some that for some reason didn't make it into his pack. I will extract those from my other installed portraits and release a "patch" which he, and anyone can install via TiT overtop of his.

Needed Fielders:

Astros - Maxwell; Dominguez

Brewers - Ransom

Cubs - Valbuena

Dodgers - Gwynn, Abreu

Marlins - C. Lee; Ruggiano

Nats - Werth (needing a re-do?)

O's - Thome

Pads - Amarita

Phils - Fontenot; Pridie

White Sox - Hudson

NYY - Stewart

Needed Pitchers:

Angels - Frieri

BJ's - Sam Dyson (needs I.D. as well)

Brewers - L. Hernandez

Cubs - Asencio; Camp

Giants - Penny; Kontos

Indians - Rogers

M's - Delebar

NYM - Chris Young

Pads - Marquis; Ohlendorf; Wells

Rangers - Oswalt

Rocks - Francis; Ottavino

NYY - Qualls

Addendum: Braves: Ben Sheets (yes, THAT Ben Sheets!)

*** If anyone thinks that they have updated portraits of any of the above, please put out a patch so that they don't have to be re-created. Thanks.

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Ok...if I gather the pics and number assignments, can someone do these properly? I was able to do them last year with no problem, but I can't get rid of the outer white pixel edge and I'm done trying.

Any takers?

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