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Editing Dl With Tywiggins Roster Editor


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Is it possible to get a player to de DL using this roster editor?

i tried to put scott Sizemore on the DL, cause he's out for this season. I managed how to give him an injury, and how long he will be injured, but i can't get him on the DL.

I tried to give him 100days of injury and put him on the 60-days DL.

In game he is injured (with the torn ACL wich i gave him), and will be for another 100 days, but for some reason he is not on the DL, and the team won't put him on it and he will be playing.

please someone help me?

I hope my information was clear. I'm from Holland, so sorry if my English isn't completely correct.

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Hey Koopto, It must be your lucky day. I have been playing around with Ty`s Roster Editor, and haven`t learn a lot yet, but I did figure out this question ahaha. So bear with me, I am presuming I am talking to someone that doesnt know anything about this so I dont overlook something.

1) Run Ty`s Editor

2) Load up your saved Franchise Roster using the search in top left corner

3 Little lower use the drop down menu and choose your Team. (might not be a bad idea to place your Injured man in one of the lowers Leagues to save space before you even start here, so AAA or AA or better yet A).

4) Now select your Injured Player

5) Choose the Injury type, and then set the drop down menu for 15 day DL or 60 day DL.

6) Make sure you set your Calender Dates for Injury Start Time and Injury Finish Time. Some times it is just a matter of selecting some date in the future, I use January 1st, 2013 for this years Out For Season Players. The main thing is choose something, DO NOT leave default or at year 2000 or you are ``friggy jiggyied`` Now let me say this, I don't know if the actual days have to be accurate or not. Reading up on this so far and no ones seems 100% sure. I just count the months and multiply by 30 days , so like 30...60... 180...etc. I DO NOT waste time counting calender days. Sometimes a number auto fills in here so I leave it if close.

7) Now Real Important.... Everything is set, so Bottom Left Hand corner, Hit ``SAVE``, and then I usually delete backups, and I have no idea rather this works or not.

8) Close down Editor

9) I have my game running in back ground with windowed mode, but the Roster I changed isn't loaded Very Important!!!

Go into Options..... Load, load Franchise save that you adjusted with the DL

Go to the Team your Injured Player is on using General Manager Rosters.

Click on the Player, he should have a Red Cross, Right click him and send him to the 15 day DL.

Now Make sure you save your franchise again after he is set

Hopefully it worked OK

Now If anyone can help further please do

1) I need to know how to remove a player from the DL list. The game threw me a curve ball, and injured one of my Starters, but he isn't injured in real life so I have to take his injury away....Please How

2) How does one place their injured Player on the 60 DL this choice never seems to appear, Maybe a time thing in the game. Any help on this would be great

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That's pretty much what I do Brainy, but your explanation is far better than mine, thanks.

Like Koopto, I'd also like to have other team's players on the DL. But since I don't control those teams, They won't go to the DL and therefor, that team will have something like 24 active players, or less. Any workarounds for this?

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Thanks guys, I didn't intend to make my post better, just wanted something in-depth so everyone reading would understand easier the next time.

Yea, up to now I just presumed that AI Teams worked the same way as well, I hadn't actually got around to trying them out yet. So I guess now I will need this answered as well. Gee wish "modding" wasn't so complicated and time consuming... go figure, wonder why we like it so much ?

P.S. What we need is a "sticky section" to place "How To's"

So members here can place their own Guides to use that Editors and Stats in game!!

Many Thanks to Scottybilly who responded with this little gem on May18, 2012. I have added it to this post to bring it forward to the latest info thread on here for DL editing. Guys we really need a "sticky" for these types of issues so Everyone will benefit and make this game howl even more than it does now.

You only get that error message if their is something wrong with the current roster of one or more of the teams. Be sure to check that each team has 25 players, and all lineups and pitching rotations are set. As far as players on the DL, never set the days left on DL to 15 in Ty's editor, put the player on the 15 day DL for less than 15 days, say 12-14 days. Also, if you remove a player manually from the DL with the editor, make sure you are putting that player back in the starting lineup or the pitching rotation for at least one game. Also make sure you are actually including the calendar date of when you put a player on the DL. I think the glitch may have something to do with the calendar option in the editor. Before, it didnt matter what the actual date was.

From my experience thus far, you can edit the disabled list in a franchise for every team whether its 15-day or 60-day with Ty's editor. If you increase the days injured beyond the 15 or 60 days on the DL, when the computer says that particular player is coming off the DL, it will give you the option to leave him on the DL for at least 15 more days. For example, take one of the pitchers that is currently out for the season for Tommy John surgery. You can put him on the DL for 15 or 60 days, but if you set the days injured to 150 or more (255 days is the max), that player will stay on the DL for the whole duration.

Of course, another option for avoiding the DL glitch issue, especially for minor injuries, just swap out the correct players from the majors and minors at the appropriate times and " pretend there is a disabled list"

Edited by Brainy
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