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  1. The wheels fell off. How Mets of you. Seems incredibly realistic. Also: For some reason this got posted 4 times.
  2. I am so glad I have been dealing with moving to a different house and doing renovations this season. I haven't watched a game in ages. Instead of going to bed depressed, I only get depressed as I sip my morning coffee and see the scores from the previous night. I never thought I'd be thankful for all this rubble, dust and everything else that comes with rebuilding a house...
  3. Um... who?!
  4. Baseball is weird isn't it? 3 triple plays in one season!
  5. Also, my dad's favourite book, which I inherited after his passing. Legend has it, Sinatra ran into Mario Puzo once at a restaurante, and he was none too happy about the movie. Supposedly, Sinatra inspired the character Johnny Fontane. Also, supposedly, that same night, somebody gave Mario Puzo a beating.
  6. Snatch has so many great moments. So many good characters. Another heist movie that I forgot: 'The Italian Job' I found it entertaining and all but a little too unrealistic. Has anyone ever watched the original one? I'll check that movie @Gordo, thanks!
  7. I see your point. But the movie is about much more stuff than just a theft. The movie takes place after the fact. What else has Guy Ritchie directed that was any good? Not counting the Sherlock Holmes movies.
  8. Snatch, also one of my favourites. Not really a heist movie, but an excellent choice. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is from the same director and pretty good too. Edit: I meant to quote Gordo instead of raidersbball20 Anyway, "A Fish Called Wanda" faced some unjust criticism if recall correctly. It's entertaining but I wouldn't call it a great movie.
  9. Best heist movie in your opinions? 'Inside Man' or 'Heat' would be my favourites.
  10. I'm all for realism but this empty stadium vibe just creeps the heck out of me. If given the choice, I'd rather have full stadiums. Covid-19 is one are where I don't really care about realism. Even TV-Shows have included the pandemic in their most recent seasons and episodes. I want to be entertained, not reminded that we've been living in this crap for over an year. Not to take anything away from the images though, they look great.
  11. This is all good information that could go in the thread I created a while back to discuss other gaming communities.
  12. Great stuff as always. Regarding Jeter's 'Flip play', I read a bunch of times that Jeter was supposed to be where he was, and that he was actually late to get there. Supposedly that's how they played such a situation and they had practiced it all the way back to spring training of that year.
  13. A guy emigrated from Senegal to Portugal about a decade and a half ago, to become a soccer player. Because he was as good at soccer as I am at being a rocket scientist, he eventually focused on other things. He got scholarships, food and board from the Portuguese government. He, of course, became involved with politics. Naturally said politics are of the Marxist persuasion. Evidently, somewhere along the way, he got Portuguese citizenship and he became the leader and most outspoken person in an organization called 'SOS Racism', which is there to prevent and call out acts of racism. And of cour
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