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  1. When I said modability I should've said customizable. Please share them. Making an actual game is an incredible long and hard process though.
  2. The most important thing for me would be gameplay. MVP has a feel to it that no other game has come close since. Batted ball trajectory, general gameplay. Sure, 2k's graphics look better, but that's to be expected of a game release almost a decade later. I played The Show 15, and for me it's gameplay is pretty good, but there's just something to MVP that makes you want to keep playing, all these years later. So, yeah, gameplay would be number one for me. Modability is also something that gives a game longevity. If that's in the best interest of the studio, that's another story. But
  3. I'd be well past having any nerves left if that happened.
  4. The 1978 team won the World Series. I'm perfectly fine with them blowing a 20 game lead if they win it all in the end.
  5. There should also be a 'hitting clock', or at least some kind of rule that stop hitters from messing with their batting gloves 697 times each time they step off. Get over yourselves and hit the damn ball!
  6. Phil Hughes was frustrating.
  7. It was one bad inning. He's been nothing short of reliable, and at a cheaper price than most starters out there.
  8. America's Army: Proving Grounds Played it from the first versions, almost 20 years ago. Pretty realistic fps. Also, I can choke people there.
  9. Are you alright man? This doesn't sound like you
  10. Now that is truly annoying.
  11. Agree. And he's quietly been one of the more reliable starters the Yankees have had for the past years.
  12. I'm willing to bet that some sucker is going to give him the money he wants. I'm placing my bet on the Mets. Edit: I just checked. Only 13 more years of paying Bobby Bonilla over 1.2M a year.
  13. Ideally, you'd contact user: BondsBarry
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