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  1. You're definitely not crazy for doing that, it has been done in several other games. Makes perfect sense to me.
  2. I think in The Show was the only time I ever did it. I'm with you on the season and franchise modes.
  3. But can you still enjoy the game without using all that Ultimate crap? I actually had fun assembling a nice little team in The Show and I never bought or felt forced to buy anything.
  4. @Kccitystar You're right, I completely forgot about them. I'll add them soon. @tinpanalley I didn't know about that. I'll make sure to remember so next time I used the word 'soccer' next to a Brit, I'll have a good comeback. I'll be in London next week, so chances are I'll be trying that soon enough. I didn't know about all that going on with PES Patch. I'll remove that site from the list beause it's the exact opposite of what we do here. I haven't downloaded anything from there in years, so maybe things were different a while back. I just noticed they had a lot of content. I used to visit a pretty good site/blog called PESedit, but it's last post was in September 2016 On the racing front, I did a basic Google search on the topic. Seems that racing fans have been blessed over the years with many titles coming out for the PC. One that stood out was 'Grand Prix Legends'. There are a lot of mods available for that game. Anybody familiar with it? The 2K NFL and NHL games didn't come out for the PC, so I didn't even consider them. I didn't know there was still an active community behind them. Should I include them here too?
  5. I actually struggled with what I would call this thread. I'm glad you gave it a proper name. I completely forgot about racing games. The Grand Prix Series used to have a pretty good following back in the day, but I've drifted away from that genre, so I'd have to do some research. As for the tools required to mod games, I have always been curious about that. Now, I learned some programming but that was back in high school, which means I just know the basics, if that. How does one set about to create an external roster editor for a game, for example? Also, why is it so much harder to create those tools nowadays than it was in the past? Have the developers made it harder for users? Most of them aren't big fans of modders, though some companies encourage this aspect of the games.
  6. In a recent conversation with a friend of mine I mentioned that MVP 05 is probably the most modded sports game ever. Since he doesn't like baseball, he asked if there is anything similar going on with other games. So, I searched a little bit and found some interesting stuff: Basketball: NBA 2K14 still has guys creating new stuff and updating the game. Even I have created some mods for personal use that I never released to the public. Basketball is really how I first got into mods and patches, through the old NBA Live series. I was a member of the NLSC community dating back to NBA Live 97. Where to go? The aforementioned NLSC is still running strong, with a large community and plenty of mods to download: https://www.nba-live.com/ Baseball: MVP Mods is of course our favorite. There is however another great option, specially if your english isn't all that good. The MVP 2K Caribe offers support and mods for both MVP and 2K. While their specialty is the caribbean baseball scene, you can find plenty of other cool stuff in there, from the World Baseball Classic to 'regular' MLB patches and add-ons. Make sure to pay them a visit. KC has named some of the site's All-Stars below too. Where to go? https://www.mvp2kcaribe.com/ Hockey: Much like MVP 05, NHL 04 still has a rather large following, even surpassing newer titles such as NHL 09. People have pretty much rebuilt the entire game and keep releasing up-to-date rosters and graphics packs. A bit like the Astros switching from the NL to the AL, the inclusion of a 31st team (Las Vegas) caused some problems from modders, and it appears you can't have a 31 team season, so you have to replace one if you want Vegas to show up in the game. Where to go? NHL Rebuilt 2020 is the place to go. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/nhl04rebuilt/ Football: I have never been much of a football fan, but I have to say that after watching the last Super Bowl, I became a little more interested and did a bit of searching. I ended up having a lot of fun with a little game called 'Retro Bowl', which is available online. Anyway, I think Madden 08 is what compares best to what we have here. Other football games have popped up for the PC and Madden made a return last season. Still, the 2008 version seems to gather the most interest on the web. Where to go? Football Idiot is a forum where you can download pretty much everything that you need to play the game. Rosters, graphics and even playbooks are available. https://www.footballidiot.com/forum/index.php Soccer: I will probably go to European Hell for calling it soccer, but I guess if I didn't you guys wouldn't know what sport I'm talking about. FIFA and PES have been in a decades long battle for top spot in soccer games. Some years PES is better, some is FIFA. Again, for me, FIFA 98 was one of the first games that I tried to create stuff for, so it brings back good memories. Both franchises have kept releasing PC versions and kept players interested for years. However, PES 6 stands out as a comparison to MVP. It's a relatively old game with lots of mods and creations available. Where to go: Further research needed, but EvoWeb for PES and Soccergaming for FIFA seem to be the place to go, as @tinpanalley suggested. https://evo-web.co.uk/ http://www.soccergaming.com/index.php Feel free to suggest any other games and sports. I'll add them too. The modding and patching of games has taken a weird turn. Companies have essentially taken the place of the community, releasing their updates within the game or via a third-party application. Many times these are paid updates. What made the gaming community so interesting and vibrant is no more, because it looks like it is increasingly harder to mod newer games. I remember one time, many years ago, that on the day that a NBA Live game hit the stores somebody already created a tool to open it's graphics. On the very same day. As I remember, recently it took Vlad years to develop RED MC to it's final form. Modding tools is also something that interests me a bit, so maybe I'll create another topic about it later.
  7. Interesting for 2K. Will it actually work in-game?
  8. Clevinger makes very good points. With all that has come out, how can Houston and Boston even have those WS banners up? What kind of an example is that? «We cheated and got away with it» ? Now it's buzzers too? Seriously, is there any rule that they didn't break?! I'm afraid to ask what's next. CC is no longer active but he spoke out too: https://nypost.com/2020/01/17/cc-sabathia-keeps-getting-angrier-over-astros-cheating-dont-give-a-f-k/ Jack McDowell also throwing sh*t in the fan: http://bronxpinstripes.com/yankees-news-and-rumors/ex-yankees-pitcher-mcdowell-accuses-larussa-of-cheating/?fbclid=IwAR0H-XvDhnoTPTMnjjuWfpM12kQXySd_oT4KT6MQ5HQJDq8SVakH3chxhw8
  9. Still, for some reason I expected better from him.
  10. There is a lot of 'it was the players, it wasn't me' going around. How much power do players really have? I agree that the union would cause a lot of trouble if they went after the players. The front office and the manager didn't put a stop to it because it was clearly working. They can't claim they barely knew about it, which seems to be what they're doing. Good for Astros management to fire them, there really wasn't any other choice. Now let them go after Cora. I didn't like the guy BEFORE he was with the Red Sox. I'm also surprised to read that Beltran was one of the driving forces behind this, for some reason I thought the guy was honest.
  11. I just read what I wrote. Man, was I angry... Happy holidays everyone!
  12. It will be hard for me to see Romine in a different uniform. Bumgarner wearing anything but a Giants jersey will just be plain weird. So, on to a bigger issue. Let me tackle this Greta nonsense that is sweeping across the world. First off let me tell you that I care very much about the environment. I have been recycling for over a decade, I converted my beloved BMW (I love all things BMW by the way) to LPG, which is far cleaner than gasoline and also cheaper. But I'm not buying his Great hype for one second. People generally stop paying attention to puppets when they turn 12 or so. I can't stand her hollier than thou attitude. She is being played by other people and it pisses me off royally. Had she been in a wheelchair, everybody would be pointing fingers and pointing out that her handicap is being explored. Since it's just a mental issue... Oh well. Whoever writes her speeches should be ashamed of what they're doing. 'You have stolen my dreams and my future'. HOW DARE YOU? Really? A white, incredibly priviliged girl from one of the richest countries on earth saying such things. Had she said that in my presence, I'd struggle really really hard no to choke the shit out of her. I personally know SEVERAL people who have had to deal with real broken dreams and lack of opportunity. I'm talking about people who lived through some the most horrible conflicts of our time and don't make statements like those. Friends of mine have lived through genocide, witnessed mass graves, lived without running water or the most basic of human needs until they were grown ups. Many friends of mine have lived in Brazilian favelas. Too many to count really. Never heard them complain of a stolen future. Some of them are big business owners now and make far more money than I do and give back to their communities. But hey, it's the blonde girl from Sweden who's suffering here. And then she refuses to fly because of the consequences to the environment. So she sails across the oceans on a carbon-free sailboat. Well... Her whole crew has to fly and use those evil planes because not everybody can fit in that boat. Not everybody has friends with royal blood who can lend you such a boat, which probably wasn't that clean to build. You want to save the environment? Do what the Portuguese did centuries ago, sail on wooden boats. They're perfectly fine you idiots, we reached and ruled over half of the word on the backs of those things. I'm pretty sure none of those boats ran on diesel. 'Oh but you'd have to cut down trees for that' - TIME MAGAZINE ISN'T PRINTED ON UNICORNS NOW IS IT? Portugal has been setting records for the usage of renewable sources of energy for the past decade. Go teach a lesson somewhere else. I can see from my window over 25 windmills. You wanna make a difference? Visit China you dumbass. Visit India. Too hard, right? Their lack of western civilization self-guilt should make for a more interesting debate. Go guilt them into doing something. Greenpeace for example has been around for decades. So have many other organizations. Suddenly their work doesn't matter? Sorry for the long rant and if I seem bitter, but I tend to get this way when I spot the enormous amount of bullshit behind this. Christmas season also makes me nervous so there's that. A white, blond girl from a northern european country indoctrinating the world. Joseph Gobbels must be smiling from below.
  13. Completely agree on that one. It's incredible what those guys did with MVP 2005.
  14. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Let's just hope it's not a train.
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