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  1. I know. My programming knowledge is from my high school days. So, circa the Jurassic period. Pascal and C. But like I said, that was two knee surgeries ago. Still, anything I can do to help, even just to bounce ideas, you can count on me.
  2. I don't really have any programming skills, but if there is anything I can do to help, let me know.
  3. It would certainly add more depth. The 0-99 skill values has for long been one of the main complaints from NHL gamers for example. There is virtually nothing that sets a player apart from other. How they react to certain counts, how they perform in certain situations should be fairly simple to quantify in baseball. The rest is trickier, as it is in real life. But like you said, OOTP has gotten somewhere. That kind of traits is generally more associated with GM games or 'Franchise Mode', but it should be interesting to see how it works in an actual simulation.
  4. Great points. I'm not such a big fan of the animated art style. I'd rather haver pixel art. Still, I'd prefer better gameplay over better visuals. It's what would give a game more longevity in my opinion. If we look at MVP, specially after so many years, the graphics isn't what makes people come back and play it over and over again.
  5. So, where do we vote to put KC in charge? I agree with you 100% First step for me would be to let Cashman go. It was fun, but hey, the results just aren't there. Judge should go. He'll want a huge contract that I don't think the Yankees should give him. It was fun while it lasted too. In any sport, whenever your philosphy is to outscore the opponet, you're going to lose. There is more to the game than HR. PS: KC, I know you're a busy man, but I'd still love to hear your ideas on that 'If you were creating a baseball game' topic
  6. I hope we finally slay the dragon. I also hope that Ritchie comes in here and emphatically states that we won't, because that's an almost guaranteed series win
  7. Ritchie's pessimism is a natural good-luck charm for the Yankees
  8. Oh yeah, Nick Swisher was a lot better in RF. (He has a ring, I know) It's a little early to perform an autopsy.
  9. Chapman acted like a colossal moron. Which with all the characters that have been part of the Yankees in the past is saying a lot. I hope they win the WS without him.
  10. Does anybody have Luis Sojo's number? I'm asking for a friend.
  11. An infection can develop in many ways, but mostly due to lack of care. Sweat in particular can mean trouble for the healing process. So, getting a tattoo mid-season is at the very least unprofessional. I don't have any either, and I don't have anything against them, but I have a student who is a tattoo artist.
  12. They beat Boston. That's never bad. Always look on the bright side of life
  13. I can't say that I disagree with most of that, but you always seem to post a lot more when they lose than when they win.
  14. Do you actually want the Yankees to win?
  15. OK, this is new one in the lore of stupid injuries
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