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  1. Thames was also the hitting coach when they had pretty good hitting seasons, just a couple of years ago. A bunch of players underperformed this year at the plate. I don't think that's all Thames' fault. It's either a panic move or an entire change in their hitting philosphy. I agree with letting Nevin go. They just sucked on the basepaths.
  2. When said cheating leads directly to World Series rings, I think that puts it in a different level than league-wide steroid abuse, which was sort of a worst kept secret by everyone involved, including MLB officials. You could argue and say that it's all cheating, but I don't think they're exactly the same thing.
  3. People who can't do basic math don't bother me.
  4. A few days ago the Yankees signed Sal Romano to a one-year contract. Now they release him? Am I the only one who finds this weird?
  5. I'm glad I'm rebuilding a house and I don't have the energy to stay up until midnight to watch this horror show of a season. I almost miss the days when Nix was a starter for the Yankees.
  6. I can see the future again. But it's a little fuzzy this time. I can't figure out who will get hit first. Manny, Varitek or Ortiz? Stay tuned for the next episode guys.
  7. EA has gone to crap in the last decade, so who know what they're doing.
  8. I can see the future. I can see Ortiz getting hit.
  9. The wheels fell off. How Mets of you. Seems incredibly realistic. Also: For some reason this got posted 4 times.
  10. I am so glad I have been dealing with moving to a different house and doing renovations this season. I haven't watched a game in ages. Instead of going to bed depressed, I only get depressed as I sip my morning coffee and see the scores from the previous night. I never thought I'd be thankful for all this rubble, dust and everything else that comes with rebuilding a house...
  11. Um... who?!
  12. Baseball is weird isn't it? 3 triple plays in one season!
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