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  1. I'm all for realism but this empty stadium vibe just creeps the heck out of me. If given the choice, I'd rather have full stadiums. Covid-19 is one are where I don't really care about realism. Even TV-Shows have included the pandemic in their most recent seasons and episodes. I want to be entertained, not reminded that we've been living in this crap for over an year. Not to take anything away from the images though, they look great.
  2. This is all good information that could go in the thread I created a while back to discuss other gaming communities.
  3. Great stuff as always. Regarding Jeter's 'Flip play', I read a bunch of times that Jeter was supposed to be where he was, and that he was actually late to get there. Supposedly that's how they played such a situation and they had practiced it all the way back to spring training of that year.
  4. A guy emigrated from Senegal to Portugal about a decade and a half ago, to become a soccer player. Because he was as good at soccer as I am at being a rocket scientist, he eventually focused on other things. He got scholarships, food and board from the Portuguese government. He, of course, became involved with politics. Naturally said politics are of the Marxist persuasion. Evidently, somewhere along the way, he got Portuguese citizenship and he became the leader and most outspoken person in an organization called 'SOS Racism', which is there to prevent and call out acts of racism. And of cour
  5. I believe there are quite a few websites around that remove watermarks from photos.
  6. I'd like a chance at the Houston team. Payback time.
  7. sabugo


    Check KC's portrait tutorial
  8. sabugo

    Adding Pitches

    Artwork, as in animations? In theory, you could have the same animation produce different results, right?
  9. I think it's great that you keep working on this stuff. I don't mean any disrespect by saying that there is still room for improvement. Keep at it, you'll get there.
  10. Have you ever thought of trying to do it yourself? I do stuff like that for my own enjoyment from time to time, in different games. I know I'm not as talented as the best guys out there but I still have fun creating my own stuff.
  11. Going back to 1998, cyberfaces are the one thing I couldn't ever do decently. All my tries sucked. Like worse than Jayson Nix.
  12. I think in The Show was the only time I ever did it. I'm with you on the season and franchise modes.
  13. But can you still enjoy the game without using all that Ultimate crap? I actually had fun assembling a nice little team in The Show and I never bought or felt forced to buy anything.
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