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  1. This is not strange to me in any way, shape, or form. I posted here last year or maybe the year before how one of my virus checkers stripped my computer or my Reditor program which I bought and paid for, luckily after a little amount of time Vlad emailed me back and sent me a whole re-update patch and serial. And this wasn't the only game or program I have lost. The offender in my case wasn't Windows Defender, they were perfectly good versions of both AVG and Avast, that I installed one after the other first stripped a bunch or programs and dumped them into their version of Virus Hell. The pro
  2. The secret here is to edit your franchise pitchers to have 5 pitch types or minimum 4. I have done this for years now. As soon as I got BSU-FANs latest roster/franchise I did mine. There are a lot of stat tracking websites now on the internet to use, and just because a pitcher didn't throw a single curve ball last year in the majors doesn't mean he never threw one. Also be creative with out cheating too much, a four seam fastball, a two fingered and a cut fastball are all similar. Another trick is what I did with R A Dickey, he has two very different speeds for his knuckle-ball, so I gave
  3. how can this be ? ours here should be way better, I don't get it
  4. Thanks raidersbball20 that would be really swell of you. And I'm positive it would be a massive improvement
  5. Yes guys all the best, and thanks a lot for all the work you guys do every year for us here. I can assure you we only say nice things about your work while we are playing in game,.... well almost p.s. does anyone ever do the Managers, I have a slightly "very dark" skinned John Gibbons for the Blue Jays, and it looks ....well weird !
  6. Thanks for clearing that up BSU-FAN that is exactly what I have. The teams I'm playing match up perfectly with the teams actually played this season but the days of the calendar are scewd. Now I know the answer to this ? or I'm afraid I do, but what happens when the crew here releases the big 2015 MLB All In One package, How do we continue our seasons with the new roster ?? Any thoughts ??
  7. I don't know if that is correct gotribematt, I have BSU-FAN V6 he did this summer and it is clearly 2012 schedule.
    Thanks Scotty, fantastic work as always. Man the faces get better and better each year. Clearer, more detailed, and anyone who cant see the massive amount of work and improvements didn't find the thread yet that's my opinion anyway
  8. Kccitystar; is it still possible to log onto the servers and play against somebody at all ? I have a bad password error so I cant tell if you can or cant anyway
  9. The only way I know for sure, to increase Power, is adjust your difficulty slider, for "batting power" but this will only effect either your controlled team, or "ALL" Computer teams, so its a balancing act Sorry for the humor earlier, but I just could not resist Actually If you have "REDitor II" or even tywiggins editor, you should be able to find the batters individual stats and increase batting power for each player, but I have never done this Hope this helps
  10. I just can't help it... I tried, I really really tried, but I'm too weak. The easy and best way to increase A-Rod's power, is too get him another major multiple game suspension..... !!
  11. My Reditor that I purchased a licence for a year or so ago, at least 4.4, and upgraded since then to 4.8 was rendered useless 2 weeks ago. When I started to read the messages on here that the 4.8 version was dropping the registration keys I didnt worry, because I guess that I thought it couldnt happen to me. Then my virus checker stripped my Reditor of its exe when I went to use it to change something, and it wouldnt work any longer. So I had to download an older version and upgraded once more through to 4.7 I think, but can no longer find my Keys. I tried to go and email Vlad, but cant find a
  12. Yea, Me...... I just went to adjust some stats in my Franchise tonight and my desktop shortcut, just went "phewie" Its gone. I found the files, but no Executable... what the hell is up with this, I bought this over a year ago, I assume I got the keys around somewhere, but Im worried if malware or Avast my virus checker is eating it. I cant explain any other thing that could have gone wrong
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