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BSUFAN2013UltimateRoster2 V2

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Finally it is here!!!!!!!!!!! It's better late than never. This is a full years worth of editing into one massive roster update. I want to give a massive thanks to WundaBreadz for his efforts early in this project. While I have edited and changed every player on this roster myself, I do know he spent many hours on things like the schedule and I don't want his efforts to go unnoticed here. Without him this roster wouldn't exist. Also a big thanks to everyone in the community for the support and awesome mods that keep me motivated to do this. While this will probably be my final roster it has been worth the endless hours of editing to finally start a franchise I plan on playing for years to come. I also have attached my very own difficulty slider that I believe goes perfectly with the rating system. For the best results with this slider you will need to be patient at the plate like a real hitter. Wait for you opportunity and work the counts. They will throw balls and walk you.

V2 Fixes the 2nd and 3rd year schedule problem in franchise mode. See support topic for more info.

Here is a list of what is included in this roster.

  • Updated ALL player ratings in EVERY organization!!!!!!!!!!!! :crazy: This includes minor leagues as well. This means there are stat based accurate ratings on over 2,250 players!
  • All rosters and transactions are current as of 10/27/13 (Non-playoff teams' rosters are as they were on the final day of the regular season) I have updated most if not all major contract extensions to date as well.
  • Updated batting orders and pitching rotations as of 10/27/13
  • Hundreds of batting stances and pitching motions have been added in or updated.
  • Updated 2013 Schedule with the Astros in the American league. There are no crashes with this roster and you can play/sim multiple seasons. I have thoroughly tested it!
  • Added in hundreds of prospects with correct likenesses and tendencies. This includes pitch repertoires and player tendencies based on real life scouting reports.
  • Updated all manger and staff changes to the beginning of the 2013 season.
  • As mentioned at Operation Sports I changed anticipation rating to 0 on all players to make game run more smoothly. I have also noticed more realistic and varied reactions from fielders now as well.
  • Also changed all catcher ratings for "Blocking the plate" to 99. This was also discussed at Operation Sports and it makes the catcher stand between the runner and the plate now if the ball arrives early. Creating a much more realistic interaction from the runner and the catcher I too have found this to be a nice little improvement on overall gameplay.
  • Updated all "Team" stats from the 2012 season. (This doesn't mean all individual players..just the entire teams' stats)
  • Updated many generic player faces for prospects to look like their real life counterparts. This is also fully compatible with the cyber-face pack released by Wudl83 and is also compatible with most if not all cyber-faces released on MVPmods.com to date(This doesn't include ScottyBillys cyber-face packs since his were made for Wudl83's roster.)
  • Many many more little updates like correct player gear such as mitt colors or batting gloves. I spent a long time on little details everywhere to make the game just that much more realistic.

Here is what isn't in this roster:

  • This roster is not fully compatible with any portrait packs released to date. While it may have many that do match up with Raidersbball's pack there will be many others on the wrong players. this is something I will leave up to the community to fix if they so desire. I myself actually play with my portrait files taken out of the game so it just shows a 3D player head instead of the players portrait. Something I would suggest to you to try out.
  • While I have updated many cyberfaces... This roster still has many duplicate or generic cyberfaces. This again is something I will leave up to the community to improve upon if they so desire. (I would love for someone to update the Redsox players with their playoff beards...just an idea :spiteful: )
  • While I made an attempt I was only able to input the individual 2012 stats for 5 teams. This just was way to long of a process and would have delayed this project much longer. However the first 5 teams alphabetically do have a stat line labeled "12" with those players' correct and actual stats from the 2012 season.
  • A magical rating system that will make everyone happy. While I used an unbiased and stat based rating system, I know that there will still be those of you that don't agree with my ratings. To those of you that don't agree..don't use this rosters. It's an easy fix.

*To install extract to one of the following locations:

For WinXP users: C:Documents and SettingsUserNameApplication Data2K SportsMajor League Baseball 2K12Saves

For Vista and Windows 7 users: C:UsersUserNameAppDataRoaming2K SportsMajor League Baseball 2K12Saves

This roster is available for anyone to openly edit and re-release under one condition! You must put BSU somewhere in your rosters file name when releasing it publicly. This will be ensure my favorite team BSU will be represented for years to come(even if it is a college football team). :spiteful: For the hours and hours of time put into this project I don't believe this is too much to ask. Thanks and enjoy!

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