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  1. Yeah, moving the control stick in suck a direction to make pitches more effective. Sorry for not being clear in my original post. I'll try out the suggestions next time I start the game up.
  2. Kind of surprised I'm unable to do gesture controls with a gamepad now, because that's what I'm more comfortable with in terms of gameplay. Any way to fix that, or is it just a result of the mods being there?
  3. That makes sense now. Never had to do that before, so I wasn't quite sure. Thanks!
  4. Sorry for double-posting, but I am having trouble getting 7zip to open the files for the ones with the 00_ file extensions on them. I've tried renaming the files post- and pre-download to omit the 00_ off the end and put it in the file name, but 7zip says it can't open the archive. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Awesome job getting it released! Once my internet stops being terrible, I'll start downloading the stuff. Can't wait to see it in action!
  6. No problem. Looking forward to when it releases!
  7. No, no, I didn't mean it as "YO, WHERE'S MAH GAME I WANT IT NAAAAAOOOOO", I meant it as a curiosity as to how you guys were coming along, because I didn't see anything from this thread in a while. I don't want you guys to rush it, but if you feel like releasing and patching makes more sense, then go ahead. I'm pretty patient with stuff like this, as I get how much time it takes to make high-quality mods of these games.
  8. Any new updates, or just finalizing a few things for the official release?
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