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Generic Cyberfaces?not Working


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I posted this on wudls roster site but have not got a response so i though i might try here.Some of the generic faces show up but alot don't .i don't know if i am doing something wrong? i Downloaded all the generic face packs from wudle and put in the hard drive one at a time they show up in the lineup & pitchers setup but they don't show up in the game.CAN SOMEONE HELP!! :help:

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Sorry I don't look at the files anymore.

To be honest I don't have a clue what could cause this problem.

1) If the faces show up in the lineup screen (maybe you could try to edit a player and see if the face shows up in the edit screen) then you should have installed them correctly.

2) Did you have to overwrite something? That would be the prove that you have installed them into the correct folder.

3) Do you recognize any bald heads or how do the respective players show up ingame?

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In a franchise game? Then it will have to do with a 2k bug that can't be erased. Every time a roster has more than 25 man (e.g. when someone is on the DL or it's 40-man roster time) a random player will be picked up and the bald head gets assigned to him. Don't know why.

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