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    Great Roster but can you do Cessa for the Yankees.when do you think ya'll have the updated season out?
    Great Update! How About the Yankees without there Beards. If you need there names of the ones with Beards let me Know.
  1. scottybilly can you do the yankee faces? Get rid of the Beards & Long Hair.Ellsbury,Andrew Miller,ECT.
  2. did anyone find the password?and if you did what is it!
  3. i redownloaded the file and some of the player were corrected but others were corrupt. i don't know whats going on? The players that i got to work are Roach & Medica.
  4. works great.i like ESPN's Music & the other songs. Great job!
  5. got it work. must have been a bad download.Thanks.
  6. as always you out did your self again! Great Rosters and Rating of players.
  7. Great faces can you do Jacoby Ellsbury without the beard?
  8. sorry.I do want to thank everone who spend there time on the schedule because i do not have the computer skills to do it.
  9. The pre-season on the 2014 schedule is 2013 pre-season can someone fix this and put the real pre-season in?
  10. can someone delete the faceal hair of the yankees? like Ellsbury, Suzuki ect.
  11. the spring schedule is last seasons schedule but the regular schedule is right .if you could do an update and put in the right spring schedule it would be much appreciated.
  12. I'm having som trouble whit the date swapper. I'm using MLB 2K FXG date swapper and it does change the date but it gets rid of the game log so i can't play the games. can someone help me please?
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