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What should my next parody be?


What should the next parody be on?  

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    • Red Sox vs. Yankees
    • The Fuzzy Grass glitch

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Everyone should remember my Parody on the wait for MVP 2005.

What should my next parody be on?

Should it be:

1. On what MAY happen during the opening night game between the Red Sox and the Yankees (Title: The First Final Battle of the Season: Part III), which includes such imagery in my mind as effigies of A-rod being burned and dropped from the green monster, Giambi accidentally hitting into a double play and then saying "I'm sorry" a whole lot to Joe Torre, and the epic battle between the "The Ghost of the Splinter" and "The Ghost of the Bambino".

2. A parody of the "fuzzy grass" problem (Title: Is something wrong with my monitor?)

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I wouldn't be so sure. The Derek Jeter thing with the Fleet Center shouldn't've ended up in a flame war, but it did. And the Nomar thing, that shouldn't've wound up a fight, but again it did. But it doesn't matter, there's no way to get around a fight when touching such a touchy topic. It better not end with everyone as friends either, tha'll be just as bad.

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