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Feb1Sbsufan Jose Abreu Fixed

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File Name: FEB1sBSUFAN Jose Abreu Fixed

File Submitter: gotribematt

File Submitted: 01 Feb 2015

File Category: Rosters

Version: 2

Allow me to start by saying this WOW how much goes into making a roster and I only touched the surface. I think we all need to really think the roster editors for there amaziningly hard work. Until I started on this I never even began to understand how much work they put into this stuff. My respect for you guys just went up x10.

Now about this roster. I can't begin to take even half the credit for this. This was the work of BSUFAN from the end of the 2013 season. So it is NOT his most up to date one.Or one that he did this past season But as this was the roster I use it's the one I worked with. It was also updated in May of 2014 by Greg82. So please give them 99.9% of all the credit. THANK YOU BSUFAN AND Greg82

What I did was over the course of MANY hours go to each teams 40 man roster and make sure as best as I could the every player that I could was in the right team or right organization. I do know their are some players missing so this isn't 100% the best. But I thought it might be something to hold people over until the experts get their rosters out.

Verison 2 fixes Jose Abreu face and portrait thanks to wichystar for the feedback :)

Install this like any other roster.

If you never have installed a roster before then this is the easiest way I know of how to expalin

1 . download and extract the file then right click and copy then Hold the windows key and R to open the run command

2. In the search bar of run type in the fallowing appdata and press enter

3. select the fallowing folders in this order roaming . 2ksports/ mlb2k12/ saves

4. paste the file

5. Start the game and load the roster

6 enjoy

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Thanks for updating the roster. Been a while since i've played around with the game, so I'm wondering do the id's match up with all the created faces that have been made? thanks

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