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Well, you could tweak the 'strike zone accuracy' slider in the difficulty sliders. What's the value you set it on? Also, don't let the results of only one game influence you. The games are really random. For example, I have simmed one game one day (I believe it was Nationals at Tigers, with Strasbourg - Verlander pitching) and the game only had 3 hits per side going into the 12th inning. I thought I had to tweak the hitting slider but I didn't and simmed another game, same pitchers, same lineups, same sliders and I had a bloody slugfest with hits in the double digits for both teams. My suggestion is for you to sim around 10/15 or even 20 games before making a decision. :)

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Good evening, my name is Dmitry Surkov. I live in Russia. Love sports, especially sports games simulations. Played Formula-1, NHL, football, basketball. Recently learned about baseball. I won the game Major League Baseball 2K12. Atmosphere events is transferred. This is a fantastic game, I liked it very much. Although I understand that there is little in the rules. A General rule know, but subtlety is not yet studied.
I really want to play championship format CPU VS CPU. Of course, will not hold all the matches. And the season is likely to choose one where the team holds 52 games. A tournament just won't quit, will bring to the end. Please tell me you will be interested in this project? All matches will be played, will be broadcast in my channel in YouTube. Going to stream games, game days. In the option of the season will be selected 30 teams. The strategy will be automated, but if any of you want to change the formation of your favorite team – will be very happy. I listened and put the players you want.

I dug around in the settings, made the matches more aggressive and fast. I have a rule of five ining. Players will be more likely to return the ball, the game will be faster. One match will run an average of 40-50 minutes. Whether you interesting this project? If Yes, then I'm ready to start in a couple of days.
Previously, I held several racing Championships, Formula 1, four of the NHL season, the football World Cup and the playoffs of the NBA. I have experience, I'm old enough. So for me, this project is serious.


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