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  1. Thank You Very Much DCStadium
  2. where do i find Reditor?
  3. is this file corrupted? I get this message: The Archive is either unknown format or damaged. Why? is it my system that's rejecting your file? Please respond.
  4. The file flashed C\ users\HP3405\ Unknown method in total frontend 2k17zip, when I tried to install the file .Why does this happen how can I correct this? Help!! Please respond. dcstadium
    Your file has a virus and it was deleted from my computer.
  5. I've downloaded my mvp 2005 I get this message when trying to start the game ' with administration privilege and try again. How can I get past this?
  6. I've tried that but now I get this message' please login with administrator privileges' what does this mean? How can I get into the game? Help me Please!! dcstadium
  7. DaSteelerz,

    I'm still having trouble opening your stadium files, I've changed from WinRa to WinZip and still get error message. Please show an old man how to correct this.


  8. Dear Sirs, I am a complete novice to this, I need your help to convert my game to win 10. I thought if I up grade to win 10 this would enhance the game and I could add more files. Can someone show me how to do this either step by step( you may have to dummy it down for a 64 year old) or post it on youtube.....Please! Quick should I upgrade Direx9? Thank YOU dcstadium
  9. Your Installer Thingy has a virus, please send me the uncorrupted file. Thank You


  10. Dear DaSteelerz,

    Your Dodger stadium file has an error message, 'Unknown Method' I fact all of your stadiums including your allstar file has this message whenever I drag to me files. Please help!


  11. Scottybilly, could you please redo the face for Jason Worth. My wife thinks he looks like Jesus. If and when you have time could you do this. I wish I could do this.


  12. Dear DaSteeler,

    I have downloaded your recent stadium files, my problem is when I try to load them to my game I get an error message saying its unknown. I have the window 10 system could this be the problem? The stadiums in question are Tropicana, Dodger Stadium, and others. Please respond.


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