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My Player and Franchise crashing after August


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I am having a problem with any season mode. I was able to get into the 2nd season of my player before it crashed at the end of august. In two of tr franchises I started they ended up crashing at the end of august in the first season. I did use MLB roster editor on all of the files during the season. I don't know if anyone is aware, but in Madden 08 for pc when you use a roster editor in season the files tend to corrupt and cause weird problems. In my player mode, the Astros org. Disappeared from the standings and about 2 months later the game crashed. I did switch my player from the Astros to the Cubs in my first off season using a roster editor. Also, I was using Bsu Fans most recent roster for my player and DaSteelerz post trade deadline roster for franchise. Yes, Michael Morse is on an mlb team. Is editing the file in season going to corrupt it or is it another problem? Can the files be saved or do I have to start over again?

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hello to the whole community, please ask them to help me, my franchise gives me crash when I go to play against the Minnesota Twins in Target Field stadium

what will happen to this ?, be a problem with the stadium in mode franchise is the only thing I imagine, because everything else is OK

Thank you for your valuable assistance, Greetings

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