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Blue Jays 2012 Uniform for MLB 2k11


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hey guys, i wasnt able to play mlb 2k12 because of the title freezing problem (changing the time, turning off the internet and turning my virus scanner dont work, it still freezes, i was able to play before by changing the time but then it stopped working) so yea anyways i had to buy mlb 2k11 and i dont have a ps3 or ps4 for mlb the show so i gotta play 2k11 for a while and just for my player, im desperate to have the new uniforms because i dont really like the older one (i know the 1977 ones are basically the same but i cant change jerseys in my player) can someone please retexture the uniform for the blue jays? i tried it  myself but i couldnt find the right programs plus my texturing is horrible but if there already is a retexture then can you link it to me? thanks for the help 

EDIT: i still cant believe it but i managed to make the 1977 uniforms to be the main ones by just exchanging names from the cl1 and cl2 with the home and road! :D

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