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  1. it seems like the sportsnet tv overlay got removed for some reason, can anyone make me one or find one?
  2. oh crap they do, sorry i havent played 2k12 yet so i was worried that they might have had other ones, wow i feel stupid
  3. big problem here, i remember i was editing the blue jays uniform and when i changed the colors of the jerseys when i look at them in the game they are shining like crazy any solutions to this? oh and i was editing 2k11 files not 2k12 EDIT: i got rid of this problem but i cant seem to open the logo's .iffs it just says smalllogos2d.iff TurnOnFail please help because i cant stand the old jays and miami marlins logos
  4. so for mlb 2k12, can i use the 2k11 .iffs? if not then can someone make the 2011 all star uniforms for 2k12 because they look really awesome
  5. OMG thank you sooo much the original all star uniforms looked horrible
  6. why are the helmets and sleeves black tho? how can i make them blue i have tried everything and to no avail
  7. hey i downloaded this but it made the crowd literally white and i forgot to make a backup so does anyone know how to fix this? EDIT: nvm i found the fix
  8. will this work with 2k11? EDIT: ugh it doesnt really work, the 1977 uniforms work but im not interested in those
  9. i dont know why but it still freezes and i cant seem to find a solution online any ideas?
  10. nope still freezes, its frustrating the crap out of me!
  11. hey guys, i wasnt able to play mlb 2k12 because of the title freezing problem (changing the time, turning off the internet and turning my virus scanner dont work, it still freezes, i was able to play before by changing the time but then it stopped working) so yea anyways i had to buy mlb 2k11 and i dont have a ps3 or ps4 for mlb the show so i gotta play 2k11 for a while and just for my player, im desperate to have the new uniforms because i dont really like the older one (i know the 1977 ones are basically the same but i cant change jerseys in my player) can someone please retexture the unifor
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