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MLB 2K12 Season 2012


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MLB 2K12. Season 2012


Friends, today begins a project that will be a long time coming, long in the making. The evening will start regular season Major League Baseball 2K12 . The tournament consists of the distance in 52 games for each team, as well as the playoffs with the actual number of games. Each game will consist of five inings. The sliders are configured so that the team showed aggressive baseball: more hits, more runs. The average duration of each match is 40-45 minutes. Of course, not all matches will be played will be a lot of simulations, but I'll try to make it so that each team played in the regular season at least 20 percent of the games (rest of simulation). The matches will be held in the format of "CPUvsCPU". You can check them out will be like in the recording and live during the stream on my Youtube channel. I invite you to browse.


Unfortunately, I was never able to solve the problem of empty slot in one of the divisions, and the absence of one team in the table. Long thought, decided to restart the season and start with a roster 2012. At least all the teams on the spot. Of course, it is a pity that the compositions of 2012, not 2016, but I can't help it. I restart the season and the third time will not do it.

Yotube channel



American League (AL)

National League (NL)


Baltimore Orioles 

Atlanta Braves


Boston Red Sox

Miami Marlins 


New York Yankees

New York Mets


Tampa Bay Rays 

Philadelphia Phillies


Toronto Blue Jays

Washington Nationals







Chicago White Sox 

Chicago Cubs


Cleveland Indians 

Cincinnati Reds


Detroit Tigers

Milwaukee Brewers 


Kansas City Royals

Pittsburgh Pirates


Minnesota Twins 

St. Louis Cardinals




Houston Astros 







Texas Rangers 

Arizona Diamondbacks


Los Angeles Angels

Colorado Rockies


Oakland Athletics

Los Angeles Dodgers


Seattle Mariners

San Diego Padres



San Francisco Giants



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Original.I tried to do a season with a roster 2016, but there was a problem with the proper display of part of the divisions. In the Central division of the National League was the empty string, and in the Western division of the American League had five teams, but four. The tournament was participated on 29 teams instead of 30.

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that because the 2016 uses a schedule and placement where the astros are in the al. because the game was designed before the switch, the game isn't seeing it properly

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