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I am absolutely loving the nostalgia that this game gives me!!! I am slowly figuring out how to utilize the tools and mods for this FANTASTIC game...

One of my hangups with sports games in the past was that when you played franchises, you could only take one team and not have access to the rest of the teams in a league (like the MVP series for example). So I stumble across the "Team Changer" tool and I get excited about the possibility to play any/all of the games that I want. The issue is that I can't for the life of me figure out how to avoid having games simulated before I switch teams.

i.e.... Let's say there are multiple games scheduled for a 1pm start time on a given day. I select the first game (and switch to one of the teams playing that game) and play it. After the game is completed, I use the 'team changer' and switch to one of the teams playing the very next game on the schedule, but when I go into the schedule to select the game, it has already been simulated... Does anyone know if we can play ALL of the games or is it limited to one game per time slot?

This isn't a game changer for me but it would be cool if I have the option to play all of the games in a league...

Thanks in advance

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You can't or maybe you can't easily.  The only thing that would be possible is to have a schedule where the times are different. 

So technically, you could (and I would experiment with the first day of the season to start):

  • Open schedule.dat with bigGUI
  • Decompress the 3 MLB 
  • Export to your desktop
  • Open each .dat file with WordPad
  • Change the first date of the season to cascading times (11:00am, 12 noon, 1:00pm, etc)
  • Import back to schedule.dat via bigGUI
  • Compress those 3 files
  • Rebuild / Close bigGui via the tab,not the X.  This way you know the Rebuild is done if it lets you close
  • Start a new season (you may have to write down what teams you set for what times
  • Play or sim the 1st game to end; then determine if you can use Team Changer and play the next game

The only thing I don't know is if the game simulates while considering the length of a game.  For example, if you use Tampa Bay for your first game at noon, and a game normally runs 2-1/2 hours in real life, does the game start to simulate all of those other games up until 2:30pm or does it only take into consideration the start time.  You'll have to figure that out and let us know.

I may have to try this myself :)


P.S.  Everything for the initial season seems to be in mlb dat 1.  Why there are identical dates in dat 1 and dat 2, I have no idea.

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