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How to get Ty Wiggins' MVP Editor running


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Alright, I've exhausted all possible options my braincells can handle going through every thread left on the matter. 

   I am still randomly getting " no address found " in the bottom left corner even though MVP is running, and my dynasty is loaded. I say "randomly" because certain times it is working or "enabled" if you will, which means all required files are properly installed,  but most times it cannot find the address.  It is driving me crazy. Is there an algorithm to making this program work ? Something must trigger it, but what ?

  Other strange thing is that to get the "Stamina Changer" tool to run properly, MVP Editor HAS to be running and enabled or else the tool does not work (even though the tool itself is run independently from the Editor). The stamina changer tool is what I really enjoy the most, as it prolongs the entire pitching rotation's recovery time, which was a major flaw in the original MVP2005 release.

Well, I get a feeling this might be a message in a bottle but what the hell.... any help would be greatly appreciated.


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