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New System Crashes


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Just built a new desk top computer and started playing playing MLB.

All of my old dynasty.sav files load and work fine but my season.sav files and

dinastia.sav files crash when the game starts. Every now and then and old save of

these types will load and run but without exception, the newly saved files crash when

I try to continue the season or dinastia after saving it. Any ideas?



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Windows 7.

I have a hypothesis on this that I am going to try out today.

My new system runs in 2560x1440 resolution.

I used reschanger on all of my dynasties/seasons/franchises/dianistas to set them to that resolution.

The dynasties and franchises work fine for the most part but there are a few that will not change resolution

using the app. I think that maybe these mods were created in a certain resolution and will not run in my new native res.

I am going to try to use the highest possible resolution just below the 2560x1440 as selectable in the season/dianista mods and see if they run.

Probably all wet but I'll let you know if it works. I hate to loose these mods as I am far along in the season on most of them.

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Not resolution problem as far as I can tell.

Set res to 1280x1024x32 in game and  reset desktop native to same and still had crash prior to loading the actual ballgame.

Menus etc. work fine.

These mods worked fine on a Win7 laptop prior to new system.

Old system was XP.

Wierd. Just these save types.......................... 


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