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Actualización a los estadios / Stadiums updates

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greetings to all I want to note that the uniforms are from the friend bctrackboi11 that are very good and I dared to make a retouch only in the jacket and logos, and in the public, the rest is from the friend bctrackboi11, ok soon I will upload a package of update only star game I hope you like it.




saludos a todos quiero acotar que los uniformes son del amigo bctrackboi11 que son muy buenos y me atrevi a hacerles un retoque solo en la chaqueta y logos, y en el publico, lo demas es de el amigo bctrackboi11, ok pronto voy a subir un paquete de actualizacion solo de juego de estrellas espero les guste.

mlb2k12 2018-08-02 15-36-54-60.jpg

mlb2k12 2018-08-02 15-37-24-64.jpg

mlb2k12 2018-08-02 15-37-31-63.jpg

mlb2k12 2018-08-02 15-37-34-54.jpg

mlb2k12 2018-08-02 15-37-37-85.jpg

mlb2k12 2018-08-02 15-37-43-53.jpg

mlb2k12 2018-08-02 15-37-52-35.jpg

mlb2k12 2018-08-02 15-37-56-30.jpg

mlb2k12 2018-08-02 15-38-02-95.jpg

mlb2k12 2018-08-02 15-38-05-23.jpg

mlb2k12 2018-08-02 15-38-19-89.jpg

mlb2k12 2018-08-02 15-38-30-68.jpg

mlb2k12 2018-08-02 15-38-53-27.jpg

mlb2k12 2018-08-02 15-38-58-92.jpg

mlb2k12 2018-08-02 15-39-03-89.jpg

mlb2k12 2018-08-02 15-39-25-04.jpg

mlb2k12 2018-08-02 15-39-36-22.jpg

mlb2k12 2018-08-02 15-41-45-47.jpg

mlb2k12 2018-08-02 15-44-19-35.jpg

mlb2k12 2018-08-02 15-44-21-63.jpg


I was building the uniforms but as I realized that the debctrackboi11 uniforms are very good for the construction and desidi to use them I wait for the authorization of the if you see this writing ............ I hope you like the photos, apart from the update of the stadium and the rest will soon upload ...



yo estaba construyendo los uniformes pero como me di cuenta que los uniformes  debctrackboi11 soy muy buenos pare la construccion y desidi usarlos espero la autorizacion de el si ve este escrito............ espero les guste las fotos, aparte la actualizacion del estadio y lo demas pronto lo subire....

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Hey  Guardo,  Is there anyway I can get a copy of those ads for your stadiums ?   They look fantastic and the ones I currently have, are repeated throughout each stadium. And all of them have the MLB2K18 on each one. I'd like to have that eliminated for realism.

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