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Old file help


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5 hours ago, Muller_11 said:

I know that this section of the forum for this game is too old. But the truth is that there is no one better than you, veterans in this site who can help me


I was wondering if anyone has still the MVPedit 2004 by rglass95? 


I got it. You got to wait later on today for it. I am surprised anyone wants it. Not much attention for Mvp '04 these days. That was a good game too.

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29 minutes ago, Yankee4Life said:

 Check your private messages. I did not want to upload this file to the site and please don't you either only because if it gets uploaded a lot of people will think this is the Mvp Edit for Mvp '05 and they'll have problems.

Got it, thanks man :)

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