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My Yankees Dynasty Journal


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Owner Mode Journal Entry #1

I have bought the Yankees, with a large budget, and I went into the Create Ballpark screen. I name my stadium "Yankee Stadium" I thought of naming it BALCO stadium, but I dont want to embarass poor little Giambi and Sheffield.

Anyways, the first things I purchase were concessions: the 2 most expensive ones, and an ice cream stand. My first game is against the Red Sox, so I know I'll make a load of money off these.

I just finished playing my first game, and I lose 8-2. Johnson gave it up big time, oh well.

I am thinking about dumping some payroll now. But I would lose some of my media contract if I did that.

That's all for now. Don't know when the next entry will be. Maybe today maybe tomorrow maybe never. LOL. :mrgreen:

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Everyone knows that if you name a stadium like that, it has to be the BALColiseum. It's only fair.

Anyway, sounds good, i'm really hoping we can figure out how to make some money off of Owner mode, since in the 1 day I've had the game all of my teams promptly lost loads of money. Best of luck to you.

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Trade Randy Johnson for Johann Santana. :lol: Dump some payroll, and get a pitcher who will be dominant for the next decade.

I wonder if the Twins would accept that trade - I might try that out myself.

BTW, in my Yankee dynasty, my stadium is called Yankee Stadium III. Although it's not really a stadium at this point, it's more like a little college ballpark. :(

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