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Getting Shohei Ohtani (any player as well) to be a fielder and pitcher

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Posted (edited)

Not sure if anyone has figured out how to do this without burning a player at the start of the game? I have and if others have too or have a better way feel free to delete this thread.


Im not an Angels fan but i love that Shohei Ohtani plays both ways, so i edited one of my draft pics in my franchise mode (Mets, yes i know) that already had decent batting stats as a pitcher.


(Always close the game or app when i say so, if not your saves will get crossed up and you will be going in circles, found out the hard way😒)


1.  So to start you need the player editor tool.

2.  Open player tool and change Shohei Ohtani to a fielder, save, close

3.  Open 2k and go to roster manager set him to the position and batting order you want him at, save, close

4.  Open player tool again now change him back to a P, save, close

5.  Open 2k and go to roster manager and set  him in the bullpen not a start (ill explain), save, close

6. Done.


Now you will see he is in the lineup and is a pitcher still. If you replace him from the lineup settings menu or the GM lineup you will do this all over. "Only move him out of the linup pregame"


When you want him to start you have to spot start him in the rotation from the pregame lineup menu, remember once u remove him from the lineup he cant be put back But from this menu he goes back into the lineup next game and doesnt mess you up. If you do it from the GM menu or roster menu it messes up and you cant put him back. Only move him out of the line up in the pregame lineup card, also any day he doesnt play the field he is bullpen ready or pinch hit ready.


Ok now if he is the starter he cant not bat unless its a NL home game (this is for any player u plan on doing this with), if you have him as DH or still in the line up as a fielder and a pitcher it will CTD. Now when simulating im not sure if he will DH bat and pitch, but im gona try it out. You will see two of him in the linup you have to take one out, but this means you did it right up to this point.


Its best to rest him the game before you start him (use him as a 6 man rotation, or have one relief pitcher save his spot in the rotation and just put him in that spot every 5 days, you can still use that filler pitcher as a bullpen even though he is in the rotation)  and the day after rest him from playing the field, he will get hurt.






5.Vargas (every time he comes up to pitch i swap him out for Shohei Ohtani in the pregame line up and use Vargas as a bullpen pitcher all season or a spot starter or pitch 3 innings and bring in Shohei Ohtani)


Any questions hit me up.

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Posted (edited)
4 hours ago, Yankee4Life said:

I'll give you credit you sure as hell put a lot of work into this.

Thank you sir, i was determined to have me a duel threat. Gives it a bit more of a managerial challenge bc he takes up on roster spot but fills two roles. Like i said seams like a lot but once your set your good to go for the whole season. Changed the way i drafted too,

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