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Crashing issues trying to download 1962 TC (numerous installations, etc.)

Savoy Special

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After having an amazing time playing the 1956 Total Classics mod and the legendary Brooklyn Dodgers with my son, we decided to try our hand with a decidedly less successful team - the infamous 1962 New York Mets. Honestly, I should have just left the 1956 TC game on there because we were having so much fun, but we made the mistake of trying to play the 1962 TC instead. 


So after wiping the 1956 Total Classics mod and uninstalling everything, I carefully went through the process of re-installing a fresh install of MVP Baseball 2005, and then extracting the files for the 1962 TC mod per the ReadMe.text file..............It would get to the very end of the extraction of the 1962 TC files, and it would say the Total Installer Thingy (TIT) and the TIT.expert files did not extract. But the folder has those files I'm pretty sure, so I figured I'd just try to move ahead anyway and insert those manually if necessary........


Anyway, I go in and try to start the 1962 TC mod, and when I click on the Icon, the screen pops up with Whitey Ford/Juan Marichal, and I start getting excited............The picture comes up of the four original Mets leaping in the outfield of the Polo Grounds and looks like its starting to load, and boom, a crash. I've never been able to get it past this initial point - it would show the pic of the four Mets players in B&W with the old Polo Grounds scoreboard in the background, and it would crash back to the desktop. 


I guess that's my first question.............What am I doing wrong that I can't get the 1962 TC to load, and how can I fix it? 


I've spent the entire evening doing everything I could think of to troubleshoot this issue, including uninstalling and re-installing the CD disk at least seven or eight times. I tried manually installing the files. I tried manually deleting those files in the MVP Baseball 2005 folder that I knew would get replaced by the extraction, and manually replacing the files. 


Several times on these re-installations, I would get the original MVP Baseball 2005 came to run, so I knew the game itself was working - it was just issues with the mod. But then, after about six or seven re-installations, I couldn't even get the original game to work. Now here is where things got really weird for me..................After scrubbing everything in the EA Sports folders using the EAUninstall, where I was pretty positive that there was no MVP Baseball 2005 files anywhere in the Program Files folder, and then re-installing the game, that 1962 TC mod introduction with Whitey Ford and Juan Marichal started popping up again, and the game would immediately crash. Never once was I ever able to get the 1962 TC mod to load to the initial menu screen or whatever. 


Although I know this modding community has been around for a while, this is all totally new to me. I've been playing MVP Baseball 2005 on the PS2 for years, but just became aware of the PC version and all it has to offer a couple months ago......................I sprung for this game on Ebay and I bought a Dell PC specifically for this game, and purposely keep it offline so I don't have to worry about any Windows updates affecting gameplay (it's set permanently on Windows 7) 


Ideally, I'd love some help in being able to download multiple TC mod seasons and be able to play multiple seasons simultaneously if possible. It would be awesome if we could re-load 1956 and play with the Dodgers again, while also playing sporadically with the 1962 Mets or any other teams we get the whim to play with. Like I say, I'm using this PC specifically and only for this game, so space is not a concern........


I'm sure someone asked that question 12-15 years ago, probably hundreds of times, but like I say, it's all totally brand new to me. I pored over the threads in this forum but if there's an old link where I can learn more about having multiple TC mods on my desktop at the same time that won't crash over each other, that would be awesome.................


Once again, I must thank everyone for taking the time to consider my questions.................My son and I are chomping at the bit to see if maybe we can bring the 1962 Mets to some semblance of respectability......................


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1 hour ago, Savoy Special said:

So after wiping the 1956 Total Classics mod and uninstalling everything, I carefully went through the process of re-installing a fresh install of MVP Baseball 2005, and then extracting the files for the 1962 TC mod per the ReadMe.text file.....



Hold it! You didn't need to do that. You can have multiple mods on your system if you want. I created a tutorial for this right here eleven years ago. Follow it exactly as I have it detailed and you will be up and running again very soon.


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Thanks so much! I followed your instructions and I now have several TC mods up and running, including 1951, 1962, 1984, and 1988. I also re-loaded 1956, and since I kept all our .sav files, we can play another season or pick up in the middle of the season we already played............Once again I want to thank the good folks here for all their hard work and their advice. I would have never figured out how to do this on my own. 


Considering that America is basically shutting down right now and our family is basketball crazy living in North Carolina, the timing on this couldn't be better..................I may play a whole season of 1962 TC by the end of March :) 

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