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Download question (MVP Total Classics 1987 1.0)

Savoy Special

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Hello All, 


I've spent the last couple of months building what can be described as a working version of MVP Total Classics 1987, version 1.0. Taking the Ace152 rosters already on here on the Downloads section, I built in all the uniforms, portraits, stadiums, stadium select screens, music, background screens, etc., to create a unique experience specific to the year 1987. My son and I are having fun with this modded-up version I've been creating, and I figured others in the MVP Mods community might want to take a look. 


The problem is I'm having trouble downloading it! The compressed file is 1.36 GB, and each time when it gets around 24 percent it gets this -200 message and stops downloading. What am I doing wrong? 


This new Total Classics Mod is far from perfect. Specifically, I haven't added any cyberfaces or unique audio, and I've also been unable to add any new uniform select screens, which I'd like to do. The game essentially has the same uniforms from 1988 Total Classics, with the only exception the Cincinnati Reds 1972-1987 uniforms. I have much more in the ReadMe section of my download. 


I'll be happy to figure out a way to transfer these files along or download them somehow. Thanks in advance for advice on how to get it uploaded here. Have a great rest of the week! 



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The problem is that the file is too big to upload.  There is a limit to the size of the files you can upload. The Admins gave permission to upload larger files plus we have access to an FTP area of MVPMods where we can transfer large files. Based upon the size of your file, I am assuming that you are uploading an entire copy of the game that includes your modified files. 

When I create single season mods, I include just the modified files and create an installer that will copy them onto a default version of the game. 

Your best bet is to upload your file to a file sharing site like Dropbox. If you do that and send me a PM with the link, I would be willing to create an installation package that contains just the modified files along with an installer. I would then setup the download page for you so others can access the mod. 

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