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Pitcher wins without throwing a pitch?


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Had this happen in an MVP game, but wondering if this could actually happen. So playing as the Reds, I had a 5th inning rally, starting with the bottom of the order.  India, 2B, was in the 8 hole, so I double switched the reliever, Brad Brach, who went to that 8 slot, and brought in Freeman for the 9 hole and to stay in and play 2nd base.  Here was the progression:


Mike Freeman flied out.

Jesse Winker singled.

Nicholas Castellanos was walked.

Joey Votto singled.

Tyler Naquin singled.

Tyler Stephenson flied out.

Eugenio Suarez was walked.

Kyle Farmer singled.



So, I have 2 outs with the bases loaded and Brach due up to hit.  I check if I can pinch hit him and it allows me. So I bring in Aquino who makes the 3rd out.  Therefore, Brach never sees the mound and I bring in another reliever.  Since this gave the Reds the lead in the bottom of the 5th, wouldn't my starter, Gutierrez, get the W?  Maybe it's just a box score glitch.  But here's how it looks:




As you can see, Brach never faced a batter and he got the win.  Considering this is a glitch, would it be allowed to have a pinch hitter for him or would he have to hit so that he can pitch?  I guess technically, Brach is a hitter first and I'm just simply forfeiting him to appear, kind of like when you see the rare instance where a manager will use a PH for a decoy and put in a different PH because of whoever the opposing manager put on the mound (for a L/R or R/L matchup).

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Looks like it happened in 2003 with BJ Ryan, but Baseball-Reference credits him with 1/3 of an inning pitched despite throwing no pitches. This is legitimate and confirmed by officially tracked pitch counts.




In 2009, Alan Embree repeated the feat, but again, Baseball-Reference credits him with pitching 1/3 of an inning. Again, legitimate.




Same thing here with Greg Garrett in 1970. To be fair, they didn't start tracking pitch counts until the 80s, so this *could* be false. The LA Times says it's true, but the Long Beach Independent calls BS.




There's a whole slew of other *appearances* without throwing a pitch (with former Yankee Mike Stanton appearing on the list TWICE), but there's either two or three guys that have gotten wins without throwing a pitch.




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