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How to change Manager Faces


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Just saw a post regarding this and I thought I would help since a recently just figured this out. I was in the same boat trying to look for tutorials regarding this but no luck. (Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough, idk.) Anyway, I was able to find the Global ID's of all the Managers and the 1st base and 3rd base coaches (you'll see that most 1st and 3rd base coaches have the same ID) still haven't found ID's of the umpires and Batting coach though. If you know, help a brother out HAHA


I used Reditor to find them. So what you do is:


1. Go to the 'Staff' tab and find the manager/coaches face you want to change.

2. Scroll to the right and you will see their designated Appearance ID.

3. Write down their Appearance ID on a notepad or something so you don't forget.

4. Go to the 'Appearances' tab.

5. You'll see a search bar on the right where you can input their Appearance ID, then you'll see what their designated Global ID is.

6. If you already downloaded a manager face or have a face you want to use, just change the player head number to the global ID (e.g. player_head_xxxx.iff).

7. Copy to your 2k folder and check in game.

8. Enjoy!  


The Managers have their own designated App ID's so their Global ID's are all different. As for the Coaches, most if not all of them have the same ID's so they will look the same in game. You can fix this by changing their App ID's, just look for an App ID with no designated global ID yet and designate a unused global ID for them. When I checked App ID's 5000 and up are unused so start from there.


Took me a while to figure this out, was just desperate to change the manager and coach faces so the game looks more realistic. Good thing I had free time during quarantine and just started tinkering with Reditor.


Anyway, sorry for the long post and I hope this helps!

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