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MLB 2K13 (X-Box 360) - Where To Learn or Get A Full Mod?


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I want to learn how to do a mod on my own so I can create what I want, unless someone can do one.


Here's what I'm looking to do:


1 - Update to current players, team brands, parks, etc.

2 - Option to truly have no payroll limits, or in the very least, every single team have the same exact spending limit. Maybe even a Cap&Floor system.

3 - Current free agency rule without draft compensation tied to a free agent.

4 - DH in both leagues. No longer needing data wasted on the lineups with a pitcher (essentially those completely removed).

5 - Expand the league by two teams.

6 - Relocate certain teams (even if only in the original mod; no need for continued relocation).

7 - Realignment to rumors regional structures. My choice would be creating an Eastern League and Western League, and have 16 teams within four divisions in each league.

8 - New 6-team playoff format, except to accommodate the structure mentioned in #7.

9 - Ability to make trades even during free agency and the Draft.

10 - Trade Deadline to the new format.

If anyone knows where I can get something done, or if there is a good platform that allows for a sort of simple DIY that can be done by any Average Joe, please let me know either here or in DM.


Also, I'd like to be able to do a complete mod of changing team names, uniforms, etc. Again, if possible, I'd like to know where I can get the sources to learn of to have someone do it.

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1 hour ago, Yankee4Life said:

You don't want much do you?


You may be the first person here who wanted to mod the X box 360. You probably won't find much in the way of help with this because this site is for the PC version of the game. But it doesn't hurt to ask. Best of luck.


Thanks. Yes, it's a challenge. I figure with the X-Box 360 being pretty much obsolete to most game outlets that purchase consoles, I should just make the most of what I have by making it unique and updating it.


Ideally, my concept is designing something that is the offspring of the MLB 2K franchise, the MVP Baseball franchise and the Bases Loaded franchise.

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