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Help with a crash issue


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Been trying to figure out how come 12 of my 30 teams crash after the line up screen. I have well over 20 hours invested into trying to resolve my issue via REDitor. So here are my questions;


1. Does audio for names matter? (as in name accuracy)

2. Can you have two players with the same face?


I've gone through my roster file top to bottom soooo many times now that I'm just about to lose my freaking mind. :( I have no idea where the mistake is. I've done sooo many things to try to resolve this.....I don't know what else to try now?


Any suggestion at this point would be soooo greatly appreciated. These 12 teams crashing is driving me nuts!

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Ok, that's kind of what I assumed. I had noticed that I had some disparities when it came to my Staff tabs. But as some teams still worked correctly, I moved on thinking that couldn't be the issue. Will update the tab later today and give it a try. Thanks for the advice! 

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