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My Boomer Dynasty

Sean O

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So, I'm trying a new type of Dynasty now. I've realized that I absolutely suck at hitting, but am prodigiously talented at pitching. So in this dynasty I'm taking the role of David Wells, and David Wells only. I do no hitting at all, work only the games he starts, and control only him. When he tires out, I sim the rest of the game. Also, the CPU controls all of the hitting for me, as I change the controller for every hitting part of the inning. When it comes around to playing National League teams, I'm only going to hit as him, then put it back on CPU.

After 4 games (2 against the Yankees, 2 against the D-rays) my stats:

David Wells



16 SO

28.0 IP

My sliders are set on -25 for control and pitch meter, and the CPU power and contact sliders are at +25. This is all on CPU mode.

I'll keep updating as I play more games. The nice thing is that this goes really quickly, since you're only playing 5-8 innings every 5 games.

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Well, twice tonight I've managed to get into the 7th or 8th inning with a perfect game intact, only to then proceed to blow it. I'm currently running my control sliders at -30 and the CPU batting at +50 and they're still completely incapable of scoring any runs off of me. If I bring the pitch meter down to -50 and control to the same and I'm still killing them, then I have no idea what I'll do.

Man, if only I could hit half as well as I pitch. Wells is currently 7-0 with a 2.90 ERA.

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Ok, my sliders are now at -35, and I'm starting to get rocked. Gave up 3 runs to the Cardinals and lost because my team couldn't get any runs, beat the hell out of Toronto, 8 innings and only 1 run, but got rocked by the Braves for 6 runs after only 4 innings. Each of the games I left early were due to some idiotic fielding error that the CPU made, so I am pretty annoyed by that.

Nice to have some challenge, I guess, but it's getting really hard to consistantly do well.

Record: 8-1

ERA: 3.5ish

Next up, Wells pitching at a game I'll actually be at, Sox v. the Cubs on June 12th. Should be interesting.

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