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Longest game ever?


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So, I'm playing game four of the American League playoffs with my version of the 1993 mod. It's Ron Darling vs Juan Guzman.


Juan strikes out 14 and walks 5, taking a no hitter into the seventh of a 0 to 0 game. Darling is gone with men on second and third in the 8th, but somehow Eric Plunk bails him out. Then the insanity starts.


The game goes into extra innings. Joe Carter hits a leadoff triple to start the bottom of the 12, but Dennis Eckersley strikes out two batters and the third flies out to right. 


In the top of the 13th, I get a leadoff man on first, but accidentally hit the advance all runners button, and he's caught in a rundown. Depressingly, I get back to back base base hits after this, but then strike out and line out to end the inning. 


We got to 15 innings, then 20. The game is still 0 to 0! But then, in the bottom of the 23rd, the evil Joe Carter leads off with a double. I strike out the next batter with my 7th pitcher of the game, Jason Grimsley, but then Tony Fernandez bloops one to first. In its inexplicable wisdom, the computer activates the left fielder, who is on another planet. I can't get to the change fielder button fast enough. It drops in, Joe rounds third, and it's game over.


Now, the settings were All Star and pitcher control was set to -10, fielding and throwing accuracy to -10. In other words, the settings did not favor fielding!


Has anyone ever engaged in anything like this display of batting futility???!!!

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