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Working on MVP Baseball 1990 Mod Season


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 Hi guys and wishing you the best.


 Im working on MVP Baseball 1990 season mod with uniforms, roster some faces, but i need help with something for example the Candlestick Park looks empty on outfields bleachers and the Milwaukee county too i dont Know if somebody here have both stadiums with full crowd?


 Thanks the patch at the momment is on 70% so when i finished i hope MVP mods allows me to share it with you Guys.




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Hi Jim825 and thanks for the reply.


Yeahp  the thing is if somebody made some changes to the stadiums.


I update the textures and some changes on Old Cominskey and look very similiar to 1990.


 I will try to make 1991 too.


i add 3 pics of the cominskey and white sox portraits i made






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So for Milwaukee County Stadium, all you would need to do is move the 3dcrowd files from Cleveland Municipal Stadium into your County Stadium. However, this would put crowds from the bleachers floating in midair in the bullpen/scoreboard area. So it's a tradeoff. If you're able to use OTools you might be able to delete the crowd around the scoreboard, but I haven't worked with that program yet.

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