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Time Frame for 'Total Classics' release


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My thoughts on this:

as we discovered last year this project can be time consuming. it is

the culmination of many areas: uniforms, stadiums, pictures, logos,

rosters, faces (hopefully) etc., etc.

yet, more impressive is the collection of modders and the talents they bring.

Of course most importantly, all of ' Fuzz's ' efforts and abilities

i personally know that fuzz, stecropper, myself and others have already

put alot of time into this. we appreciate very much any help we can get.

and there has been quite a bit of help and contributions, THANK YOU.

after all, we are changing the face of the game. last year it took several

months to accomplish this. we also all have other obligations, as do ALL

here. sometimes the best way to get things done is to take a break.

then come back renewed. we have all done this with modding.

(of course this applies for most anything else that can turn into a project)

as we must continue to pace ourselves, not rush, to put forth a mod

that will be both fun and exciting. it will also be upgraded as time goes


Fuzz IS the main man on this project. he will need time to create, test

and tweak. his pace is our pace for ' Total Classics '

let us be patient and give him all the time he needs. a week OR two

from now ' Total Classics ' 2005 will be in full swing

Thank You again RGlass for a great editor. Trues and moderators for the

a great site (and a classic forum to boot:) Stecropper, Capa, Sandman,

Cartsyard, Rolie, PaulW, Crowe, Lucas, Thome25, 69Yanks, EA and ALL who have

and will contribute to bringing the games history back to life!

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Thanks Don, im uploading Total Classics Phase One right now.

I just hope it works and everything is fine. Didn't really have enough time to test out the installer myself. It's a very generic and standard installer, so hopefully it'll go well.

Thanks for the portraits also and u were right, creating those portraits were tedious so i created a little tool for it to make those fsh files and assign numbers to them.

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What is the latest time estimate for Phase I to be available for download? I don't see it on the site this am, but that may be because Trues has not had a chance to pick it off the server or something...


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Living in Australia and growing up watching the World Series (thats all they showed) in the 80s, and being a Redsox fan your classics mod is brilliant. I have already been spoiled and if futher classic teams patches are available it would be a bonus.

Thanks to Fuzzone and the guys behind it.

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