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Is there anyway to use historical rosters in franchise mode?


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You can if you replace the current ML teams with the historical teams. You would need to import the classic teams through MVPEDIT to overwrite the ML teams. Bu the problem you would have is, there are no minor league teams for the classics. So you would have present day minor leaguers being called up to the classic teams. Might ruin the whole thing if you see Joe Blow called up to the 27 Yanks.

The other thing you can do is to use MVPEDIT to globally change all the attributes for the minor leaguers to "1", and set your new classic ML teams to no injuries and no cpu trades. This way, there should be no callups since the minor leaugers will always be rated less than currentl ML players (classic teams) and since no injuries, there should not be a shortage of players on any teams.


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I used my 80s and 70s roster set in a simmed franchise --- just wanted to see what the stats came out to.

One problem was that the computer didn't keep the rosters the way they should have. Also, some of the stars that are in the free agent pool got put on classic teams.

Overall it was an interesting deal --- George Brett from '85 was a beast!

I did a franchise with a fantasy draft and it was pretty cool.

I'm sure controlling all the teams would be the best thing to do --- just don't know if it is possible.

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In a different thread about this topic someone suggested editing

the "star ratings" for the players using mvpedit.

Can anyone varify this technique?

Where do I get mvpedit for 2k5? Can't seem to find it here.

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