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  1. Hey all, haven't been here in a while. Just noticed the links to the downloads for High Heat are gone. Are the files still available somewhere?
  2. I’m not sure either, to be honest. I’ll keep looking and if I do find something I’ll upload it here.
  3. Hello all. I reinstalled HH2K3 today. While going through everything I downloaded over the years I realized that I didn’t save the patch (there was one, right?). Is there anyone here who might have the patch and possibly be willing to upload it to the site? Would really appreciate it.
  4. Thanks guys. It is indeed back up. The post says it was a phishing attack. Since I don't go there every day, I wasn't sure how long it had been down and I couldn't find any info anywhere.
  5. Anyone know anything about the status of the footballidiot.com site. The site is essentially like this one, but for Madden. I'm getting an 'account has been suspended' message when I try to go to the site. Anyone else seeing this? I figure there must be a few members here who also belong to that site.
  6. I would think the same thing that happened after your first and second seasons will happen after your third.
  7. Seeing the George Scott pics brought back a memory from a game I attended as a kid. It was some point in the mid 70's and the Red Sox were playing in Baltimore. At some point Dennis Martinez hit him with a pitch. Big George wasn't real happy about it and started out towards the mound. Martinez wanted no part of the big man and took off for center field. Order was eventually restored without any punches being thrown.
  8. Thanks Trues. Y4L - If you want to deprive the community because you're afraid one or two people will complain, then so be it. I'm not going to continue arguing this with you. I just don't agree with your decision.
  9. I don't want it taken down. That is not the point. It was uploaded years ago at the Clubhouse and I'm glad people still want to use it. If you have any other stuff of mine for HH, then go ahead and upload that too if you want. I still don't get why you won't upload stuff that this site already had permission to host by way of the original modder uploading them at some point, which includes stuff not available anywhere else, but it's ok to post other mods taken from other sites and host them without permission just because that stuff isn't available anywhere else. If it's a matter of not
  10. I don't understand this policy. If someone uploaded something once and it was made available to the public, why would they have to upload it again just because the link was broken? They gave it to you to host, so why wouldn't you just host it again... unless and until you're told by the creator of the mod that they don't want you to host it anymore? Just looking for clarification, not an argument. I'm also curious why then, if this is your policy, was a mod for High Heat that I created posted without my permission? The 1919 White Sox uniforms for HH2K3. I never uploaded them here. Of
  11. Yes, it happens to me if I set the compatibility mode to XP. It is normal if I turn compatibility mode off, but still crashes when I try to play a game. I tried using the models.big from the MVP 13 mod (which runs fine) but still a crash-o-rama. I'm using WIndows 8.1, but haven't had a problem with the other mods I have loaded (MVP 13, TC 1915, TC 1927)
  12. Well that kind of thing should be expected whenever you release something to the public. Years ago I did a bunch of uniforms for several versions of High Heat. Eventually over time I started seeing stuff I created show up in other people's work. It wasn't a big deal to me. That guy's posts always seem to indicate that he felt his stuff was far superior to anyone else's and the community should reward him for it with praise and money. To me it's one thing to be proud of your work, it's quite another to be a pretentious d-bag about it. I'm sure plenty of others feel the same way about
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