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  1. You need the DangerZ roster editor that essentially unpacks the uniforms, if i remember correctly.
  2. I've got a few myself including a free agent program someone made as well. Thanks for uploading the tune file.
  3. I don't believe MiL were playable, although I admittedly only played HH2004 for a couple of weeks before giving up on it. If I remember correctly it didn't have "mounse" support and that it was just a port of the PS2 game.
  4. That's great cause I'm not sure if what I found was version 4. If you could upload like Y4L suggested that would be awesome and very much appreciated.
  5. Thanks to everyone who clicked and may have looked through their old files, but I think I may have found it on another site embedded in a message board post.
  6. I am hoping someone here may be able to help. I recently started playing hh2k2 again and I'm looking for a tune file created by SJ Nathan for 2002. 2003 tunes don't work with the 2002 version. If anyone has it or knows a resource that might have I would love to get a copy of it. Thanks for any help.
  7. That's awesome to hear. Can't wait
  8. Just want to thank you for posting some of the files from HH2k2/2k3. Its fun to go back and play the game from time to time and since I been through a couple computer crashes seeing some of the old stadium files and such is really nice. Thanks
  9. I had the same issue and I am not sure if this is the fix or not, but schedule updater began working again when I had the basic version of the game installed along with the mods. Before I did not have a clean and untouched stand alone install of 05. So I am not sure but it may be worth a try.
  10. I just wanted to drop a reply and say that these sliders and datafile are amazing. I have played through several season with several great datafiles and always had kind of an empty feeling. At this point with JoeRudi sliders and datafile I have been played into 31 games into my dynasty and I have seen all types of games and have gotten some great statistics that are consistent with real baseball. My team has been hot and cold, which adds some great sense of realism to the game. In fact I sit 18-13 right now and have dropped 4 of my last 5. 2 of which my SP was knocked out in the 3rd and my lone win came from a CG shutout. I am not sure if you JoeRudi26 will see this or not, but I just wanted him to know that his work as well as all the other great modders is truly appreciated.
  11. I don't use a pitch cursor either and just like anything else you will adjust after a couple of games, but in the end you do get somewhat realistic walk totals and a little higher pitch count.
  12. This sounds great. Looking forward to it.
  13. myseason

    Uniform Slots

    Homer, Thanks, that did the trick. I really appreciate it.
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