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Question for Modders.


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I bet if Mr Graveyard made a donation to Fuzz, Fuzz might be able to find more time from trying to survive etc. to finish this project that seems to mean so much to Mr. Graveyard. Not a criticism, just a theory I have. I bet even a small donation would at least make him feel his work is appreciated. And when you think how many hours of fun everyone is going to get from his work, it's not unfair to give the guy at least a little tip.

Of course, I'm broke so I am trying to contribute faces till I'm not broke.

No judgements, I'm just saying that sometimes the wheels run better after they've been greased.

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Stecropper (Don) has a great set of sliders he uses for cpu vs cpu games...I think they are posted elsewhere...I will look for them...I have a set I use that are based off his input...but he did the groundowrk and the offense if reduced significantly...


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I posted these a few days ago:

These are the current Slider settings I have developed over very many CPU-CPU games strickly testing. I have not changed these settings in over 15 or so games and the results are very realistic as well as provide a very acceptable degree of variance.

Games are very realistic with close low scoring ones (1-0, 2-1, 3-2 etc.), blow outs(9-1, 12-3, 8-2 etc.), and typical ones as well(5-4, 7-5 etc.)

Large come from behind victories do occur.

K's in the double digits occasionally but typically in the 4-8 range.

Walks normally 0-3 per pitcher and occasionally higher.

Ball counts for Starters typically are in the above 12 per inning range but occassionally below 10 during ver low scoring well pitched games.

Starters typically get to the 6-7th innings and do record complete games on occassion. But still get knocked out early on occassion even with Variable Stuff setting OFF.

Home runs and extra base hits ranging all 25-30% of total hits.

Errors are realistically made in frequency by the players you would expect them to be committed by.

The better ball players, both pitchers and players, are performing to their relative strengths & weaknesses and it is noticible.

The better Teams have better W-L records than the worst teams.

Rosters, Datafiles, Settings of Variables all these things play part in the realism.


Rosters: Early '60s

Datafile: KSMs V0.5

Difficulty: All-Star

Variable Strike Zone: Off

Variable "Stuff": Off

Blown Calls: On

MVPEdit All Team Intensity set to "1"

MVPEdit Team Profiles set realistically

User Pitch Meter Difficulty: 0

Pitch Speed: 0

CPU Pitcher Ball Rate: -24

User Pitcher Fatigue: -0

CPU Pitcher Fatigue: -0

User Pitch Control: 0

CPU Pitch Control: 0

Bullpen Fatigue Rate: 0

Bullpen Fatigue Grace: 0

User Batting Contact: -45

CPU Batting Contact: -45

User Batting Power: -7

CPU Batting Power: -7

User Bunting Ability: -3

CPU Bunting Ability: -3

User Foul Ball Frequency: 8

CPU Foul Ball Frequency: 8

CPU Swing Frequency: -36

User OF Speed (Manual): -1

User OF Speed (MVP): -1

CPU OF Speed: -1

User IF Speed (Manual): -2

User IF Speed (MVP): -2

CPU IF Speed: -2

User Throw Speed: -3

CPU Throw Speed: -3

User Throw Accuracy: 0

CPU Throw Accuracy: 0

User Catch Errors: 24

CPU Catch Errors: 24

User Dive Difficulty: -11

CPU Catch Effort: 6

User Baserunning Speed: 1

CPU Baserunning Speed: 1

User Runner Aggression: 0

CPU Runner Aggression: 0

User Runner Steal Speed: 0

CPU Runner Steal Speed: 0

User Runner Steal Delay: -2

CPU Runner Steal Delay: -2

CPU Steal Rate: 6

Runner Injury Frequency: -44

Pitcher Injury Frequency: -28

Batter Injury Frequency: -28

Fielder Injury Frequency: -36

Pitching MG Difference: 0

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