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is there a way to change teams??


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...no, but i think this is a good idea. in a realistic dynasty you can be

fired or you can change a team after a saison if you become a offer

from other teams. that can be interessting for the games mvp, nba live,

madden and nhl.

in fifa soccer and fifa manager you can change teams or you can be

fired after a bad saison. so you can wait for offers from other teams.

sorry about my english

greathing jörn from munich

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Bump note taken.

But if you play (or sim) through your contract term, you can change teams at that point. So, you actually can change teams, just not specifically whenever you want.

I found this out the other night and I was able to switch from the Astros to the Padres after 3 seasons. Worked out great for me.

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High Heat 2003 had the best team switching mode...there was a menu with all the teams and you could uncheck the team you were managing and check a new team...very simple and easy to use. I have NBA Live 2005 and Madden 2004 (although I now have 2006) and it was very difficult to switch teams in those games too...EA should seriously consider a team switching mode because I dont' want to play the same team for 20 straight seasons.

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