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The Marlins Dynasty


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Ok, here it goes, the next attempt on a Dynasty. Here the basic settings and Difficulty Level.


Difficulty Settings: ALL-STAR

Strike Zone: ON

Hot Zones: OFF

Variables: ON

Hitter's Eye: OFF

Pitch Cursor: Fade

Slider Settings

User Pitch Meter Difficulty: 20

Pitch Speed: 0

CPU Pitcher Ball Rate: 22

User Pitcher Fatigue: 4

CPU Pitcher Fatigue: 4

User Pitch Control: -25

CPU Pitch Control: -10

Bullpen Fatigue Rate: -4

Bullpen Fatigue Grace: 4

User Batting Contact: 0

CPU Batting Contact: 7

User Batting Power: 7

CPU Batting Power: 7

User Bunting Ability: 12

CPU Bunting Ability: 12

User Foul Ball Frequency: 25

CPU Foul Ball Frequency: 25

CPU Swing Frequency: -5

User OF Speed: -5

CPU Outfielder Speed: -5

User INF Speed: -4

CPU INF Speed: -4

User Throw Speed: -4

CPU Throw Speed: -4

User Throw Accuracy: -7

CPU Throw Accuracy: -7

User Catch Errors: 8

CPU Catch Errors: 8

User Dive Difficulty: 8

CPU Catch Effort: 10

User Baserunning Speed: 0

CPU Baserunning Speed: 0

User Running Aggression: 4

CPU Running Aggression: 4

User Runner Steal Speed: 5

CPU Runner Steal Speed: 5

User Runner Steal Delay: -8

CPU Runner Steal Delay: -8

CPU Steal Rate: 5

Injury Frequency Batter: 3

Injury Frequency Fielder: 4

Injury Frequency Pitcher: 5

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This will be my LINEUP:

1 CF J.Pierre

2 2B L.Castillo / SS A. Gonzalez (Castillo currently on 15-day DL, sprained ankle)

3 RF M.Cabrera

4 1B C.Delgado

5 3B M.Lowell

6 C P.Lo Duca

7 LF J.Encarnacion

8 SS D. Easley / SS W. Delgado

Against AL Teams, Conine will be my DH.

Pitching Rotation:

1 Josh Beckett

2 Al Leiter

3 A.J. Burnett

4 Dontrelle Willis

5 Ismael Valdez


SEASON OPENER will be against the ATLANTA BRAVES @ Dolphin Stadium:

Josh Beckett (0-0) vs. John Smoltz (0-0)

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MIAMI HERALD April 5th 2005

MARLINS take SEASON OPENER in front of SELL-OUT crowd!

Beautiful day, beautiful women in the stands, and yes, a beautiful baseball game opener. Josh Beckett making his 2nd Season Opening Start in his career, looked a bit sloppy and quite possibly nervous in the early stages, giving up 4 Hits in the 1st inning. With the bases loaded and 2 Out, Beckett throws a nasty curveball to get Estrada out looking, and he seemed a lot more stable from then on, giving up only 5 Hits over the next 5 1/2 innings.

After this somewhat nervewrecking inning, the Marlins came up big right after, with Pierre striking out, the Marlins got 2 consecutive hits, Castillo and Cabrera, setting the stage for the newly aquired power hitter Carlos Delgado, 1 OUT, 2 ON, and Delgado drills it into left Centerfield, some 385 Feet away. Shmoltz hung his pitch just a tad, and Delgado gives that ball no chance of survival. So, it is 3-0 Marlins after the first inning, and it should stay this way, until the 8th. Beckett as mentioned earlier finally found his rythm, striking out 6 and was replace by Riedling in the top of the 8th. Riedling in, Chipper Jones up, 1st pitch, GONE, and we do mean GONE!! Landing at an estimated 510 feet, this could have well been the longest Homer in Marlins history, unfortunately on the wrong team. The score being 3-1 Marlins manager decided to leave things as they were, giving Riedling another shot @ the upcoming Brian Jordan. Maybe not the best solution, Jordan homered Riedling's 2nd pitch to deep CF, and the Braves are threatening. Another look in the Bullpen reveals that closer Mota is getting ready. Riedling gets out of the inning, giving up 2 ER, both solo shots, posting a frightening ERA of 18.00. We move to the bottom of the 8th inning, where it is Damien Easley, that eases the nerves of his teammates as well as the 45,000 souls @ Dolphin Stadium. His solo HR, 1st obviously of the season, came somewhat unexpected, Easley not really known as a power bat, but comes through big-time here.

Mota then retired the next 3 Atlanta Batters in a row, to get his 1st Save. Very good opener, this will be a very interesting and hard fought series.

MARLINS 4 Atlanta 2.

Beckett 1-0, 6 1/3 IP, 9H, 1BB 0.00 ERA

Shmoltz 0-1 6 1/2 IP, 7H, 4BB 4.50 ERA

Tomorrow evening the probable starters are Al Leiter (0-0) vs. Mike Hampton (0-0)

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MIAMI HERALD; April 6th 2005


A sell out crowd @ Dolphin Stadium saw yet another close game with an usual, "wild" ending. But let's start in order:

The Marlins sporting the same lineup as yesterday, and backed up by veteran pitcher Al Leiter, were off to a quick start. Leiter walked the first batter but then retired the following three, all of them K's, indicating that Leiter's Slider is especially looking good tonight. If we can even speak of a "struggle" in the second game of a 162 game season, well, it just might be lead-off hitter Juan Pierre. He doesn't have a single hit thus far, with impatience seemingly his biggest poblem right now. 0-4 in Game 1, he comes up in the bttm of the first, and sits down after 3(!!) pitches, rather disappointing, but hardly worrying if you got red hot players like Cabrera and Delgado. With Pierre sitting quick, Castillo flying out, batting .600 though, followed by a Cabrera monster 2B shot off of the left field scoreboard, it is once again Delgado batting. Hampton's 1st pitch is a fastball to the inside, Delgado apparently expecting one, hammers the pitch over the RF wall for another 2R HR, his 2nd of the season. Hampton visibly shaken up by this, gave up two more hits that inning before finally retiring Easley, who flied out to Chipper. Leiter just kept cruising, and his counterpart Hampton, finally had found his pitches. Both lefties didn't allow a single hit, and that takes us to the top of the 6th, with Al Leiter on the mound, and C. Jones starting the inning. It is a 3-1 count, Jones looking for a fastball, gets it, and see you later, solo shot to RF, and the Braves draw blood. Up next is Adam LaRoche, who takes Leiter deep on a hung slider, tying the score at 2-2. That was it though for the Braves, and the bttm of the 6th looked to be over with quickly, Hampton sits down the first 2, M.Cabrera up to bat. 3-0 count, Hampton fires a fastball over the plate, Cabrera leans into it.... WAY GONE! Marlins back on top 3-2. M. Giles coming up to bat in the 7th, Mecir replacing the solid Al Leiter who struck out 7 up to this point, triples on a line drive to right field, with 0 out. Looking for at least a sac fly, the Brave just couldn't manage, and Mecir gets out of the inning...barely. And here is where it gets WILD. Top of the 9th, runners on 1st and 2nd for B.Jordan, 2 outs, Mota looking for his 2nd straight save. Jordan had other thoughts doubling to left CF, on a 1-2 pitch that brings him to 2nd, A.Jones to 3rd, and brought Furcal all the way home and the game is tied 3-3. Blown Save for Mota, and the crowd booing heavily, he strikes out Estrada swinging, and we head to the bttm of the 9th. Reitsma walks the first 2 batters, LoDuca up, singles to right, bases loaded, 0 outs, Juan Encarnacion comes up: The crowd on its feet again, 2-2 count, Reitsma throws a low change, looks to be a strike but is called for a ball, enraging Braves' manager B.Cox, who violently protests the call, eventually getting tossed out of the game. 3-2 count, bases loaded, no outs, and what does Reitsma do...he throws a WILD pickup throw to 3rd, that scored the winning run in an unbelievable finish for the Marlins. See ya tomorrow night, where it will be A.J. Burnett(0-0) vs. T. Hudson(0-0).


WP: G. Mota (1-0) ERA:2.00

LP: Reitsma (0-1) ERA: 3.00

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MIAMI HERALD; April 7th 2005

MARLINS going for SWEEP...and FAIL

It wasn't meant to be. The first sweep of the season was denied by an unbelievably strong effort of the Atlanta Braves. From the get-go the game seemed out of the Marlins' hands, with various players looking very lethargic.

A.J. Burnett's first start of the season was spoiled, no later than the 1st (!!!) pitch of the game, which Rafael Furcal took deep to CF. 1-0 Braves after the 1st pitch, the reason we point this out; because after his 9th pitch it was 5-0 Braves. Burnett walked the next batter (M.Giles) on 5 pitches and gave up a 2B shot by Estrada on his 7th pitch. 2 on, Chipper Jones up, 8th pitch, you guessed it, GONE! 3R shot for Chipper making it 4-0 Braves. The very next batter is Andrew Jones, coming off a super hot Spring Training month, and he doesn't waste time, silencing the Marlins' crowd (33.000) pretty much for good with his 3rd HR of this young season. That was a bit too much for Burnett, who almost voluntarily sat down, at this point he gave up 6 Hits and 5 ER., making room for RP Moehler. Moehler got the Fish out of the inning, and score would hold until the 8th inning, in which the Braves added 2 more runs, both driven in on a double by Mondesi.

After losing the first 2 games, the Braves come back strong, taking game 3 and avoiding the sweep. The Marlins are back at Dolphin Stadium tomorrow night, opening a series against the Washington Nationals (1-2).


Here are some of the notables so far this season:

M. Cabrera; 6 HR, 10 RBI, .467 Avg (stats include Game 4)

C. Delgado; 3 HR, 6 RBI, .267 Avg (stats include Game 4)

P.LoDuca; 0HR, 6 RBI, .600 Avg (stats include Game 4)

J. Pierre; 0HR, 0 RBI, 0.96 Avg 1 Hit (stats include Game 4)

Report of Game 4 is being edited.

We hope to see you tomorrow at the ballpark!

D.Willis (0-0) vs. T.Ohka (0-0)

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I am going to do this more thoroughly now. Really trying to play game after game, so I have a better angle on the news report. The more detailed reports, I won't do all the time, but stats will always be up to date, and important games will get detailed reports. A few managed games here and there I don't mind. I will add screenshots too, need a webspace, but I already made several screens. Please let me know what you think of all this so far. :wink: Thx in advance!

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Time for an Update:

1. MARLINS W 9 L 2

2. METS W 6 L 5



5. BRAVES W 4 L 7

MIAMI HERALD, April 16th 2005

FLORIDA beat METS in 20th...and take control in the NL EAST.

Drama in New York! This game went for a NY METS Franchise record 7 hours, 2:15 AM,20 innings, finally to be decided by a 2 OUT 2 ON base hit by Paul LoDuca. D. Willis who had come in the 19th as a "reliever" pitched a 2 inning no hitter. That was the 2nd consecutive win over the METS, looking for the sweep tomorrow night at Shea! THe Marlins currently lead the NL EAST, 3 Games ahead of the METS. GOOD NIGHT from Flushing!


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How unrealistic! The Braves would never be in last! 8O :wink:

uh, its 11 games into it 8O :p


METS "in pain" as Pedro goes down

Pedro Martinez pitching a NO HITTER through 5 innings, suffered a BROKEN LEFT SHIN, after getting hit on a fastball swing by Paul LoDuca. He will be out for approx. 2 mths. (48 days).

Big Blow to BRAVES lineup:

More worries for the BRAVES to an already troubled season; Chipper Jones got hurt during the 9th inning in Game 23 this season. He will be out for months. We wish him all the best during his recovery! Here is the result from the MRI


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APRIL: Statistics and Standings

Avg. Leaders


Home Run Leaders


RBI Leaders





3 Game losing streak spoils otherwise solid opening month

The Florida Marlins lost their last 3 games, suffering their worst LS of the month, tying all NL EAST contenders, except the ATLANTA BRAVES haven't quite found their rhythm yet. Worth mentioning is also the great effort of new franchise WASHINGTON NATIONALS, posting also a 13-11 record tied for 1st in the division. Marlins are back in action tomorrow night in Philadelphia rounding out a 3 game AWAY series, and hopefully avoiding the sweep. More soon! :wink:

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It is now the middle of May, and the MARLINS got bitten by the INJURY BUG. 2 guys out, in back to back games, and it will hit the lineup hard:

1B Carlos Delgado suffered a minor MCL sprain and will be out for 15 days(8 left), but to make matters worse, the very next game, Florida lost 2B L.Castillo due to a TEAR in his left knee MCL, he will be out for 61(!!!) days.




MIAMI HERALD; May 18th 2005


The Tampa Bay Devil Rays had placed OF C. Crawford on the trading block not even 24 hrs ago, their front office received a call. On the other line; MARLINS GM Larry Beinfest himself. The Marlins would go on to offer OF J. Encarnacion, who struggled so far this season, committing 4 Errors, lacking in the offensive department as well, batting .118, 1 RBI. Right now this trade seems to heavily favor the FISH. Crawford was rumored to be having personal problems with the batting coach and some teammates, causing a constant stir in the clubhouse. Crawford is batting .286, 0 HR, 5 RBI. He sat out the last 6 games for the Devil Rays, when finally placed on the block. The outfielder is expected to join the team tomorrow morning, and have his first AB in a Marlins uniform tomorrow night, ironically vs. the RAYS.



Adjusted Lineup:


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MIAMI HERALD June 3rd 2005


The Florida Marlins finished the month of May with 16-11 record. They are currently tied for 2nd place with the BRAVES in the NL East, 6.5 GB the METS witht the Phillies and Nationals rounding up the division. BUT, yet again they end up struggling towards the end of the month, losing now 3 straight to the PIRATES and giving up the sweep in this series, by losing Game 2 6-1 and Game 3 8-0 !!!


MIAMI HERALD... June 5th 2005

MARLINS come back from 6 in last 2 !!!

What a comeback! The Marlins trailed all game long, by as much as 6 runs, only to come up huge in the 8th and 9th inning. The Marlins started poorly in the pitching department, giving up 5 runs in the 2nd inning alone. The Braves added another in the 7th. With the shower cabins in mind, Hudson gives up 5 hits and 3 runs in the 8th. Why the Braves coaching staff didn't pull Hudson at this point remains to be a mystery. The Fish cashed in on 4 more runs in the 9th, a GRAND SALAMI by Paul LoDuca who went 5-5 with 5 RBI's, having a tremendous season so far. He is 2nd in the ALL-STAR voitng ballot, right behind Brad Ausmus from the Houston Astros. Other Marlin ALL-STAR favorites to be: 1b C. Delgado, OF M. Cabrera, SP D. Willis as well as fellow starter I. Valdez.


Let's see if Florida can continue on this good note, even though they need run support a little earlier! Marlins record as of June 5th: 17-13

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Moving right along with the Dynasty...

MIAMI HERALD, June 30th 2005

Worst month yet, but Fish move closer...

The Florida Marlins once again finished the month on a losing streak, dropping to 14-13 in June, their worst month yet.


There are good news though, such as CP G. Mota leading the Cy Young Race followed by a couple of teammates, and of course the MVP Race, with OF M.Cabrera currently in 10th and CF J.Pierre in 4th.





The Florida Marlins still trail the NY Mets for the lead in the NL East, but it is now a mere three games.

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I usually play 50% of a series, manage the rest. Never sim though. Too risky, hehe.

Example: a 4 game series vs. the Mets, I will play 2 games, and manage 2. If I fall behind too much, I jump in and try to get out of it. Or come in to close a game. 2 game series I play one manage the other...you get the system. Sliders are personally adjusted but based on a set that grissom posted

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AL wins ALL-STAR Game 7:4

Unfortunately not much to report, other than a Grand Slam by Sheffield, there is not much to say about the ALL-STAR Game. Willis who got the start after all, pitched 3 solid innings, before giving up the GS to Sheff. Congrats to the AL! Here something for YANKEE FANS



Well, moving on after the ALL-STAR game, the Fish were eager to get back to Dolphin Stadium. Started of well, beating the Phillies 5:2 in Game 1, and went on to sweep the series 3:0. However, the dreaded set back wouldn't fail yet again, with the MARLINS losing 7 out of the next 12 games. 4.5 GB behind the METS.



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MIAMI HERALD August 31st 2005

SPLENDID August ties Marlins for LEAD

What might soon be dubbed the " month of brooms ", saw the MARLINS move all the way up to tie the METS for 1st place in the NL-EAST. Florida accumulated 3 sweeps this month, including back to back sweeps over the D'Backs and Giants. They also WON EVERY SERIES OF THE MONTH, except for the month opening 4 game (tied 2:2) and month concluding 3 game series (lost 1:2), respectively, vs. the CARDINALS. A red-hot Carlos Delgado homered 11(!!) times in August, batting a staggering .344. The pitching support is there as well, with Ismael Valdez and Dontrelle Willis each possibly winning 20 games this season. More Stats: Lowell has 33 HR, Cabrera 28 HR and Delgado 23 HR. Let's see what September brings...



I played almost all of these August games myself...need a break, private life is in the way, too. As long as I can hold WC position, I will manage a lot more games in September, rather than playing, getting ready for the playoffs, for the first time in my DYNASTY....this weekend :wink:

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I managed 95% of the games barely jumped in, even when I was down 3-4 runs. The only 2 series' I played was the METS SERIES. I am smelling the playoffs :lol: .

TRADE REPORT: This is way delayed, but I traded 2 minor leaguers, in order to get Aubrey Huff. He had an outstanding 60 games with me.


September Standings:


MIAMI HERALD September 2005

Marlins Are In

Winning the NL-EAST gives them homefield advantage throughout the playoffs in the NL. It was another good month, finishing with a 17-10 record, including a sweep over the Mets, which pretty much opened the gap up for good. Terrific seasons for Mike Lowell, Miguel Cabrera and Carlos Delgado, providing most of the power. Solid hitting throughout the long season came from Juan Pierre, Paul LoDuca as well as new member Carl Crawford. Florida anxiously await the playoffs where they will face the St. Louis Cardinals, Saturday!


HR Leaderboard


RBI Leaderboard


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2005 AL MVP


2005 NL MVP


Louis Castillo wins GOLD GLOVE @ 2nd Base.

2005 respective CY YOUNG WINNERS



Now, something that is absolutely mind boggling to me...Check these ROOKIE OF THE YEAR STATS




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MARLINS cruise past Cards in 1st Round

The Florida Marlins used their home field advantage to the fullest, winning both home games, 4:1 and 8:7 respectively. Heading to Busch Stadium things started off differently, with the Cardinals taking Game 3 14:3. Al Leiter taking the mound in Game 4, helped the fish return to old strengths, pitching 5 innings of shutout baseball, and the offense scoring 5 runs in the 6th and another 3 in the 9th, to leap past the Cards 8:5 and advancing to the next round. A familiar foe is waiting... NY METS!

Huge surprises in the AL, with both favorites Boston and NY Yankees losing in the opening round.


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